Pulling Back on Colony

By | April 13, 2018

Colony is nominally a show about an alien invasion. What is’s really about at its very highest level, though, is hyper-capitalism and its amorality and de facto psychopathological nature. It’s a critique of inequality, extractive neoliberalism, and (to borrow from Polanyi) the attempt to disembed the economy from the rest of society.

Do you think the writers and creators were just picking city names out of the air when they decided the Occupations’s Global Authority headquarters is based in Davos, Switzerland? That’s not accidental. Of course it isn’t.

You can’t just get on the air in the US (or on the internet) and say outright that global hyper-capitalism as practiced is now mostly destructive, socially, societally and culturally. Your show would never, ever air.

You can, however, be a bit smarter than the suits who’d normally censor you and create a show about a nameless, faceless alien entity wholly concerned with the “productivity of the bloc,” and who throws away people like garbage if they are for some reason deemed unproductive — such as by being disabled — or are otherwise non-compliant.

Yeah, you can make a show like that, and the creators did just that.

On another note, and also telling, is that the only time genuine good happens in the show is when the people see past the capitalistic “interfaces” they’ve been forced to adopt and start treating each other as individuals being vested with humanity outside of their economic and political utility.