In addition just being naturally socially averse, one of the reasons I do not have a profile on LinkedIn or similar sites is because IT recruiters are like sharks.

In a time where so many people have such difficulty finding a job, I know I will sound like a bit of an ass, but if you have in-demand IT skills you get too many job openings and to go along with them voracious recruiters hounding you about them constantly.

For instance, I have no LinkedIn profile. No social media presence at all. I am very hard to find on the internet, really, for a variety of reasons. And yet I still get IT recruiters pitching jobs to me nearly every week.

I have no idea how they get my CV. No interest in the jobs (who the fuck wants to live in Hoboken, NJ?) and a lot of the time the emails are downright rude and demanding.

It’s a good thing — I won’t deny that! – that finding a job in the fields I know best is easy. It’s nice to be wanted. But the recruiters make it somehow akin to being stalked and that is never a good feeling.