You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science.


You absolutely must do your own research or you end up deluded by experts in sway to some political agenda. For instance, recently:

  • Masks don’t work
  • Social distancing is racist
  • Locking down borders doesn’t work

All wrong, and all from experts. But I knew masks worked, and even protected the wearer, because I did the research. And this expert failure happens all the time.

Except, for almost all of us, we can’t. Even those of us with excellent critical thinking skills and lots of experience trying to dig up the truth behind a variety of claims are lacking one important asset: the scientific expertise necessary to understand any finds or claims in the context of the full state of knowledge of your field.

I don’t care about “almost all of us.” I care about what I can research and know. And it’s a lot because I am capable of it. Anyway, 99% of experts don’t even know the “full state of knowledge” of their field. Often, they are 10 years out of date because that’s the easy path. But I walk the hard path because I can.

So I will continue to do my own research. I don’t give a rip that the majority cannot.