Resist is an anagram of sister

I guess I’ll keep writing posts like this until my fingers fall off.

Scalzi the pretend-Democrat like most pseudo-Dems doesn’t really understand what’s occurring now or why it is occurring. He’s lost politically and socioculturally. Old sureties have evaporated with no certain replacement; new alignments have begun. He’s clueless like most of the Republican-lite party.

Don’t intend my spiel to cover that, though.

This is what I keep going back to. Trump’s policies are constructing on the base firmly established by Obama, by George W. Bush, by Bill Clinton. Trump is not some departure from American history’s direction, he is just a malignant continuation and intensification.

I have nothing to say to and nothing in common with delusional Dems who did not recognize any need to resist Obama’s wars, his drone-murders, his de facto disdain for the left-behind of society. He was a believer in meritocracy, content to throw the poor and the downtrodden in the Toro chipper-shredder when it suited his aims (and it often did), who deported 2.4 million people from the country. And he was for the “Grand Bargain” to slash Social Security and Medicare just like Paul fucking Ryan.

If you weren’t resisting then, what’s got you out now besides, “Go, team, go?” Why is it just fine when a Democrat diminishes and disgraces our country but not ok when it’s Trump?