As the scope of human possibility has theoretically increased — with the internet and access to so much more information — freedom of action and being has actually substantially decreased.

There’s little room for exploration anymore, for trying on identities, for getting the feel of something and deciding that you don’t like it — or do. There’s no space for making mistakes any longer. Everything goes on your permanent record and no one will allow you to forget a minor flub, a moment of anger or even just a poorly-chosen word.

Everyone’s a critic but with none of the wisdom, insight, or sagacity of a true critic. Instead, nearly all are poo-flinging monkeys who have the acuity and wit of a doorknob.

The internet and social networks have amplified the worst of our mob tendencies and driven the reasonable and the well-considered from discourse altogether. It’s not sustainable from a societal perspective, and the most likely result is that the worst will achieve total victory.