Screw the Mozilla clown show

What a bunch of sophistic hooey.

This is what pisses me off about smart people. They are so confident in their ability to delude someone or many someones dumber than they are that they forget they aren’t the smartest one in the room.

Well I’m in the fucking room now, homies. I’m all up in your post doing an exegesis on your bullshit.

“Better a witty fool than a foolish wit,” some old dead dude said. Hear, hear and all that.

Maire Leavy spends an entire post justifying why attempting to achieve privacy is overrated, that it is impossible, and that making efforts to do so is beyond the average user.

Maybe this is true.

However, the argument is specious assclownery because that doesn’t mean Mozilla has the right to make it worse.

Mozilla is like Tony Stark. They are good people, like Stark is a good person. A good organization. And like Stark, so convinced that they are righteous and good that anything they do must be by definition good as well because of the transitive quality of goodness — no matter how destructive or dangerous. Well, fuckers, goodness is not transitive.

It’s your actions every day that make you good…or bad. Not your words. Not your beliefs. Not your intentions. What you do. Your actions, every day.

And if your actions harm your users, then what you are doing is bad and wrong no matter your doctrine or intentions.

Maire Leavy, you are once again the smartest one in the room. I’m stepping out. TTFN.