Shifts and rifts

This is an observant comment in a pretty insightful thread overall.

The problem is that video games were at one point an escape from mundane reality. And now mundane reality is so bereft of opportunity that people are pretending to have mundane, banal jobs for fun.

The guys who regularly sink hours into Truck Simulator could be actually driving a truck, for example.

I’m just barely old enough to remember when getting a job with even minimal experience was pretty damn easy. That relative utopia all was on the wane right as I was entering the job market.

And it was so much easier than today. I know, nothing has changed, it’s all the same, just to have beat the street, all the Boomer bromides.

But it’s not the same. It’s a much harder world now.

Interesting comments about how it’s affecting the dating market, too. I’ve noticed this in my own office — the relatively attractive younger guys in my office who have good jobs and decent prospects are just swarmed by the young women interns.

It’s because they have so few choices of men who have the same prospects they do. Society’s changing fast. Going to be changing faster, soon.