If I were launching a meatspace business – not involved directly in any way with selling anything tech-related at all – you know what the first thing I’d do is?

I’d set up a website for it. It’s the best way to advertise, and it would help you get your most aware, most wealthy customers.  Apparently, most businesses are run by blundering idiots.

No matter the business, the first place people are going to go for more information is their favorite search engine… and when they search for you they better find your website. This is mostly true at any age, but it’s 100% true of your future clients and customers under say, 40.

Exactly. If you don’t have a website now and you run any sort of business, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

I still go to a few businesses that have no sites, but I generally don’t even consider using an establishment with no web presence anymore unless there is no other alternative or they are truly excellent (not many of those). Hell, these days I even schedule my car to be serviced on-line.