I’ve been listening to these prodigious girls’ music since they were 10 and 12 years old, when they had formed a band in the Seattle area called Smoosh where they were good enough to headline in 21-and-over clubs as pre-teens. They’ve always been good, but now they are moving into great. And now called Chaos Chaos, apparently.

Now in their early 20s. Their “overnight” success is the product of more than 10 years of constant practice.

Here they are 7-8 years ago, when the youngest was still only 13 or so.

Already wayyyyy better than most bands. The drummer — Chloe Saavedra — is a genius and hearing her drumming is the original reason I started listening to them at all. Damn good song, too.

(Really, she is a drum genius. Please ignore the appalling audio quality of this and just listen. Holy shit. Do you know how much skill what she did takes? No? It’s like flying a helicopter while making an omelet and reciting Shakespeare all while being attacked by a cheetah.)