Social conditioning

In my opinion the Left uses the idea of social conditioning too much.Learning-to-Live-Again-a_pedagogia_socratica_4

Well, the Right – let’s not even talk about their crazy ideas. I talk about and criticize my side because it’s the one I care about.

Anyway, it’s an omnipresent idea on the Left that we are only attracted to certain bodies because that’s what we were conditioned with as we matured.

I think this is to some extent true, but the Left stupidly believes this is 99.9% of attraction and I’d guess it’s more like 20% to 30%.

Testing these things is nearly impossible, however.

It’s also probably a sliding scale of social conditions, economic conditions and other factors that are hard to quantify.

This relates to the self-excusing idea that as more Americans become unhealthily fat that men just aren’t attracted to obese women because it’s some sort of social conditioning.

I disagree, for the most part.

socialPhysical attraction (for both sexes) is probably at least partially based on using phenotypical proxies for genotypical health and fitness and is not acculturated. I’d guess 80% or so, but who really knows.

Anecdotally, I’ve always been attracted to thin to very thin women; I had a babysitter when I was no more than four named Anita who was very tall, lithe and athletic.

At the time I thought she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen.

Nope, even I hadn’t been reading any magazines or consuming all that much television at that point. It had never even occurred to me what sort of girl I liked before I saw her.brain

Anita however was so lovely to me it was absolutely galvanizing; I could barely talk to her. (This is why I also believe that gay people do know they are gay very early. I certainly knew I was straight that early thanks mainly to Anita.)

I’ve always been attracted physically to thin women. I don’t think is something that was acculturated in me. And nope, for the Freudians, my mom wasn’t thin and neither was anyone else in my family.

The Left has its own fairy stories that aren’t nearly as pernicious nor as harmful as the Right’s, but they exist nonetheless.

That attraction is mostly acculturated is most likely one such story.