Socio idiocy

I’ve never understood the reason companies don’t allow more remote work to be done.homeart2

Sure, I understand the monkey brain sociological reasons but I don’t understand why people can’t ratiocinate their way around those flimsy “reasons” and allow their companies to become more competitive.

Because working from home is far better and far more productive most of the time.

For instance earlier today I spent 2.5 hours building a remote desktop services technical architectural proposal and putting together pricing.

I was not interrupted by anyone. No one “stopped by just to chat.” No one called me. My email was closed so I didn’t check that. No contractor was banging on anything. No one was having loud phone conversations nearby. No one was eating smelly food, or trying to get me to sign up for the office football pool. No salesperson was attempting to get me to talk to him or her.

Creative-Flower-Design-Abstract-HD-WallpaperIn a regular office environment, it’s likely that proposal would have taken me 4 hours, or maybe two days – depending on how many interruptions listed above occurred.

Many people say, “But those interruptions are important, too!”

Well, no. They aren’t. Maybe 1-2% of them are. The rest are destructive to concentration and actually harm the business.

Working at home, I am 2-3 times at minimum more productive – for the actual goals of the business – as I am sitting in an office.

I know that’s not true for everyone, but that’s definitely true for me and many other people.