I don’t care for South Park and don’t watch it, but this is really funny.

The latest South Park episode is a hilarious smack down on the NFL’s inability to do anything, the Washington Redskins name controversy and startup culture. The episode kicks off with the gang listing off possible names for their startup like “Dense Boner Forest” and “Furry Balls Plopped Menacingly On The Table, Inc.” You will possibly be offended and possibly laugh your ass off. This is South Park, after all.

“Dense Boner Forest” describes most start-ups pretty well.

I have some small sympathy though for the hiring managers. Ever tried hiring a woman in IT? I have. Or at least hoped to. Sometimes there are NO candidates.

It’s not unusual to get 500 resumes from, say, a systems administrator job posting with exactly zero of them coming from women.

Hard to choose from zero candidates. But at least the interview would be short.

Getting women into the pipeline has to start earlier, and the misogynist culture of my field tossed out the damn window. This horrible culture is of course what prevents many women from entering the field in the first place.