When I was younger, I used to not care much for music like this. Music that celebrated life? Why? My life was pretty harsh. As I’ve gotten older, my life changed, got better; I’ve tried to raise my fists less, put down the saber, back away instead of striking out. I’ve never been a macho guy, defending my honor at all costs, but I’ve always been fearless (some say reckless) and ready for battle. Armor always on, shields always up. Never letting anyone get beyond the titanium veil.

Hard, hard way to live. Sometimes I backslide. But I try to be over that now, beyond that. In some ways, it’s the harder path, defenses down — but it’s far more rewarding in the end.

What I love about Lisa Mitchell is that when she sings, even though she doesn’t have a great voice, all her defenses are down — in those moments, she’s utterly beautiful (and would be even if she weren’t already lovely). Everything is revealed; not one bit is held back. There’s nothing more alluring than passion admixed with intelligence. Nothing more likely to shatter the universe. Nothing more likely to better the world.

My place in the world might not be the same as hers. If the revolution comes, my posting is and should be in the militant wing. I know this. The leopard cannot change its spots so easily, not completely. But this leopard does enjoy putting away his spots in the spot drawer until they are needed again. Lisa Mitchell helps with that.

She’s not used to singing in the studio. She doesn’t like not being able to hear herself. It’s why she moved the headphones back from her right ear.

Teleporters! Ha! (But interestingly, if teleporters were available, a bottomless suitcase would be unnecessary or at the least a fait accompli of that tech.)