When your article starts off with an obvious sophism such as this, why should I even bother to read the rest?

With the disappearance of the desktop computer and the downfall of the desk phone….

The desktop computer is not disappearing. Not going anywhere. In 10 years, there will be nearly as many and used almost as commonly as they are now, at least in the business world.

Selfishly speaking, what I really like about the average person abandoning a real computer is that they will be at a huge disadvantage in the business world to me.

Any monkey can learn to use a tablet in five minutes. But they don’t really help you with productivity except in edge cases (looking at a Powerpoint before a meeting, for example). But being competent and well-versed with a general purpose computer – well, the fewer people who are capable of that, the better for me.

By 2025 or so, I suspect we will go back to the state of users in about 1998 or so – approximately 2-3% competent with any real productivity tool, and the rest incapable of touch typing or being able to use a real work machine.