This reminds me why I switched from Ubuntu.

The Ubuntu Forums were once great – excellent community with useful, non-condescending advice. Without those forums, it’s unlikely I would’ve stuck with Ubuntu for five years as my main desktop OS.

Now that is being further destroyed – moving all the tutorials, tips and tricks into a wiki makes it impersonal, not centralized and loses the community feel.

It seems as companies attempt to grow, they nearly always destroy everything that makes them worth a damn.

On our server, I still use an Ubuntu-derived binary-compatible distribution, but next time I update it, I won’t even do that as the removal of the most useful section of the Ubuntu forums has already made it noticeably harder to support.

I just updated the server recently and wasn’t able to find much useful on the forums any longer nor on any of the crappy new wiki pages. Too bad, as the forums were one of the main reasons to use Ubuntu or its derivations in the first place — you knew you could always get useful advice and tips.