Covid-19 is really a syndemic — and that shows us how to fight it. Coronavirus does not act alone but with co-morbidities such as obesity and diabetes.

HAES proving again to be utter and complete bullshit the moment any real-world stress hits. We always knew this, but a survivable illness is not so survivable if you’re the size of a house.

Of course, a lot of the underlying causes of even the above are systemic.

“Focusing on the virus alone is a mistake,” he told me, of the single-minded pursuit of Covid-19 treatments and vaccines. The deadly impact of the pandemic “is not caused by the virus acting alone but interacting with chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure — all against a background of inequality and poverty. We can’t fully control the infection without addressing those factors.”

It’s always a dilemma where the line between individual and collective responsibility should fall. However, no matter where it falls, in the end the only person who is really going to care about you and your health is you.

Act accordingly.