After some hassling, some folks from AT&T finally came out to bury the fiber that they’d run through our yard for their fiber-to-the-door service. It was previously just exposed on the ground as the install is separate from the bury.

The service itself has been great, by the way, especially as compared to the merged Time Warner and Cox — now called “Spectrum” — which went down 20+ times a day and did so for weeks on weeks. Hence, why we switched.

But I wanted to observe that several of the workers who did the bury had prison tattoos.

Good on AT&T for hiring ex-cons. I was glad to see that.

Being convicted of a crime doesn’t mean that you should never have a job again. Not sure how we ever got to that state as a society.

Oh wait, yes I do: under capitalism, producing superfluous people is kind of part of how it functions.