I don’t understand a great deal of human behavior as I seem to have either been born sans the compulsions that produce it, or they are channeled in such different ways that they bear little similarity to their typical expression.

Tattoos I don’t get. What’s the point, and the purpose?

Misogyny is another one, and any sort of status-seeking or status-confirming. You’re either superior or you’re not. Discussing it or “proving” it incessantly seems to me to be status-diminishing at best to status-destroying at worst.

Most human behavior at heart seems to be about status signaling, and to the extent that I have to do it to fit in, I utterly despise it.

I think it’s easier than me because I don’t have the seemingly-visceral and atavistic response to being alone that most humans do, while at the same time not suffering (I hope) from the typically-accompanying psychopathology.

I’m either broken or can’t be broken. I am not sure which, nor do I much care.