It’s just terribly embarrassing to watch pathetic liberals frantically attempting to convince themselves of Obama’s greatness as a president.

Handouts to banks, handouts to insurance companies with one of the most retrograde “reforms” in history (the ACA), and unprecedented secrecy and prosecutions of whistleblowers all while basically ignoring climate change — for which modern leaders 100-200 years hence will be seen as absolutely no different than we see the Nazi leadership now (no, I am not kidding).

Obama was handed the greatest crisis and thus the greatest opportunity in 80 years and utterly squandered it. His was the largest divergence in modern history between what he could have achieved versus what he actually in his milquetoast manner even bothered to attempt. That more than these other facts is what makes him a terrible president.

Simultaneously, there is a school of thought among the same set of liberals that when it’s convenient for them, they believe the president wields almost no power at all — he’s just a helpless tiny little baby buffeted along by Congress, the winds of public opinion, and the phases of the moon. All of which explains how he just can’t help giving trillions to banks and bombing people to freedom, of course.

Which is it? It can’t be both.

I know people will demand my head for this, but the main thing Obama will be remembered for other than being yet another leader who did nothing about climate change is being the first black president of the US.

The rest is meaningless, or actively harmful.