The bashing begins

Here’s what I mean about undesirable men being bashed as a result of the Harvey Weinstein allegations and fallout. This is one of the many examples in the wild:

Check out the whole thread. I doubt there is any real difference in the rate of sexual predatorship of male feminist allies and any other men. I suspect probably lower. Notice, though, that she’s not condemning jock types or frat bros among whom sexual assault is vastly more prevalent. Does that tell you anything? It should.

Anyway, what’s really going on here is that she’s responding predictably to the culture around her, like most people (even if they don’t realize it). The problem is that even most feminists see male feminists or male feminist allies as undesirable men, and unworthy of respect. The castigation and condemnation results from this, truly, not any actions that are unusual.

I am not blaming women. I don’t even care that much. Culture is powerful, and few people can resist it all that much. But it’s bonkers to think that a male feminist ally is more likely to assault you than some bro lawyer or jock type.

Those people have power, though. They are not safe to oppose. Male feminist allies, however, are seen as weak and emasculated by nearly everyone (including feminists) so they are a great target for derision.