The mental matters

I think one of the reasons I was successful in my weight loss is the mental model I had and have of it.

Most FA types seem to see a diet as a punishment. But one of the problems is that they are on a “diet.”

I never went on a diet and never saw it that way. I knew that path was doomed to failure.

Instead I changed my lifestyle, my habits and gave myself something to look forward to.

Instead of the utterly asinine, “Oh no, I can’t stuff my face with 2,000 worthless calories today, I’m being oppressed!” It become, “Oh, cool, I get to make higher-quality, better-tasting food every day that while smaller is more filling and more nutritious — and I can also eat that $7 mascarpone dessert I really want on Saturday that I’d never normally buy as it’s so expensive, rather than gorging on cheap garbage.”

I have never went on nor have I ever been on a diet. Still lost 60 pounds.

I’ve kept it off for five years so I must be doing something right.

That’s right, it’s been five years now — 25% of my body weight gone for good.

They said it couldn’t be done.

I said, you ain’t met me. 😉