The problem with economics

This piece without realizing it sums up the problem with economics as practiced today.

Is there a disemployment effect from a higher minimum wage?

One thing philosophy teaches is that to receive an answer that makes any sort of sense, one must first inquire in the appropriate direction. The question above cannot just be answered with a blizzard of empirical data disconnected from sociological considerations. It just cannot. You can discuss the slope of demand curves until you’re blue in the face but it won’t help you understand the most important aspects of the minimum wage, which is: what sort of society do we wish to live in and what societal effects of a minimum wage demonstrate recursivity as to the relevant social mores and structures that collectively benefit the polity as a whole?

Economics has long had as its goal to remove the human, to deny that is a sociological science — and as a result you end up with atrocities on reason like the analysis to which I linked.

It’s a pitiful showing by someone — and an entire profession — with more formal education then actual wisdom, more dogma than data, and more de facto wishful thinking than Professor Pangloss.

All essentially to support ideologically some rich people who’d be happy to burn them with all the rest if they became inconvenient.