Tom Petty knew

The reason large-scale resettlement in Europe is a mistake is not that Syrian refugees are dangerous. Rather, it is a mistake because large-scale resettlement will require an equally large-scale commitment of resources that European governments, and European voters, are unwilling to make.

And soon will be completely unable to make, with climate change, declining populations of productive members of society and automation leading to homegrown crises, a decreasing tax base and lowered incomes, respectively.

But that destabilization might be the whole point.

Angela Merkel sure isn’t agreeing to accept a million Syrians for humanitarian reasons and for the good of her country; politicians of her ilk just do not think that way, stupid-ass liberal fairy tales aside.

Hint for the dim: it’s part of the ongoing neoliberal project of eviscerating the welfare state, and for the annihilation of the state talis qualis both as an ideal and an actuality.