Too Old to Care

Aella is going to get into Big Trouble with this. She’s writing in areas that are or are close to dangerous knowledge that most liberals wish to suppress.

I’m too old to care who this makes angry anymore, but I do suspect there are salient genetic-level intelligence potential differences between ethnic groups, but those divides are probably not as neat as wished, nor present only in the places we’d suspect.

For instance, since groups in Africa are so varied genetically, I’d guess that if you removed disease/parasite load and poverty, some African groupings would land well above the white average and some below. Humanity has way, way more natural variation than the racists and the anti-racists believe.

I understand why research on this and knowledge about it is suppressed. Historically, it had only led to bad outcomes and rarely anything good. The real problem with this prohibition, though, is that once you do so, you’ve ceded all the ground here to racists and eugenicists and you have no valid defense, and in fact can’t even think about the topic anymore.

That is in a nutshell the whole problem with Dangerous Knowledge.