By | February 11, 2018

I was going to write a post nearly identical to this one. Instead, just go read it.

I wanted, though, to talk about this part a bit.

On the Right there are things like MRAs and PUAs (if that’s still a thing, is that still a thing?) but most of what the Left is embracing are things that also lead right back to traditional gender roles and the idea that women need to be modest (hijab-o-mania among supposed feminists) and need special protection #metoo!metoo! around male predators (which is all of them).

There is what the #metoo movement claims to be about, and what many of its proponents believe it is about, but that and what is actually about and what will result from it are very different. This divergence occurs in most social and political movements. It’s not unique to #metoo, but it is almost always verboten to point it out.

All that said, what the #metoo movement is now mostly about — and this will only increase — is to ensure that assortative mating occurs correctly, that undesirable men (and sometimes, undesirable women) are driven out of the dating market and punished, and that traditional gender roles are upheld and strengthened.

Again, it does not matter what the #metoo movement thinks it’s achieving or doing; those ends are what it’s achieving no matter its members’ self-opinions about its directions and focus. As the post points out, rather than being liberating, #metoo and its offshoots will be constraining, though not of the predators imagined to be restricted. This is not accidental, because truly punishing sexual predators is not the goal now, if it ever was. (And I do think it was at very beginning.)

Whether it’s the stated goal or not, in our social milieu what the movement will actually achieve is the infantilization of women and the punishment of (mostly) low-status men.

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