Trailer park

I’ve got no patience for anyone who makes fun of trailer park residents or trailer parks in general.

Trailer parks are affordable housing — probably the only remaining affordable housing in America — though they are disappearing.

I started my life in a trailer park. Where else was my family going to live? It’s all that they could afford. Would you preferred that I had been homeless from age 0-5? Would that have suited you better?

Don’t answer that if you are the typical one-percenter. We already know what you’ll say.

Trailer parks vary in character and cleanliness as much as any other housing type does.

I’m always bothered by how so many in America are willing to write off those doing just a little bit worse than they are.

But it’s how the masters keep control, by forcing the rabble to fight it out for the scraps.

Trust me, I’ve dwelt among those overlords. In some ways I am one of them now. And by the way, they don’t at all distinguish the trailer park resident from the middle-class homeowner.

You’re all parasitic trash and as soon as they can send your job to India or China, they very much will.

Remember that when you belittle trailer park residents.