This is sort of like the difference between libertarianism and big “L” Libertarianism.

I kind of led with the chorus, there, didn’t I? What I mean is that the ideology of the “trans” is being used now to reify completely a conception of the world where all facts are molten and impermanent, where obvious fallacies are molded into the shape of the veracious and passed off as the genuine object.

It’s a way of inventing a reality that if you accept, then you are definitely an intractably-enmeshed neoliberal unhindered by any past reality of the world and have no chance of betraying this ideology.

It’s unfortunate a whole class of people is being exploited to achieve this but that’s the way now, isn’t it? Use anti-racism to bolster globalization, which most often harms minorities? Exploit the specter of nationalism to prevent any efforts of halting global climate change? And all perpetrated by “liberals,” too.