Of the two times in life where I’ve had a gun pointed at me in anger, both times if I’d had a gun too I would’ve shot the person who was threatening me.

I probably would’ve killed them. They might’ve killed me too.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t have a gun. It only would’ve escalated the situation. I would either be dead or in jail now.

In situations like what occurred in Connecticut, having a gun doesn’t really help you that much, either. The school at Columbine had an armed security guard. It didn’t help. Arming teachers with guns is a fantastically bad idea as well – it only takes one gun accidentally put down on a desk for some seven-year-old to find the “toy” and kill himself and a few classmates.

Guns are not a panacea. Trust me, I know – I’ve been handling guns and carrying them professionally for many years (US Army, ‘94-‘99).

These are just random thoughts. There is no point, just the horror of what the US has become, how little we value community and how collectively evil and sick our entire society is at the moment.