Dead Right

By | July 21, 2018

“We like to call our human intelligence ‘general purpose,’ because compared with other kinds of minds we have met, it can solve more types of problems, but as we build more and more synthetic minds we’ll come to realize that human thinking is not general at all. It is only one species of thinking.” -Kevin… Read More »


By | July 17, 2018

“Every contract, combination in the form of trust or otherwise, or conspiracy, in restraint of trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations, is declared to be illegal…. Every person who shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any person or persons to monopolize any part of the… Read More »

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By | June 20, 2018

“We use these and other abstractions because they work, because we have found they describe nature. From a purely mathematical standpoint they are certainly not inevitable; if they were, we could derive them by logic alone. But we can never prove any math to be a true description of nature, for the only provable truths… Read More »

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Montaigne High Enough

By | June 8, 2018

“Women are not by any means to blame when they reject the rules of life, which have been introduced into the world, seeing that it is men who have made them without their consent.” –Michel de Montaigne, ca. 1588

So-called Free Enterprise

By | April 13, 2018

“In their transformations, the governments of today’s industrialized countries took an active role, not only in protecting their industries through tariffs, but also in promoting new technologies. In the United States, the first telegraph line was financed by the federal government in 1842, and the burst of productivity in agriculture that provided the basis of… Read More »


By | March 3, 2018

“Ask five economists and you’ll get five different answers; six if one went to Harvard.” -Edgar Fiedler

Identify yourself

By | September 20, 2017

“When I sketched out the rough idea of it to a friend, he listened carefully and then shook his head. ‘I don’t think you’ve got anything new to say about AIDS, Steve.’ He paused and added, ‘Especially as a straight man.’ No. And no. And especially: no. I hate the assumption that you can’t write… Read More »

OSHA violation

By | September 1, 2017

“Between 1880 and 1900, an average of 35,000 workers perished each year in factory and mine accidents, the highest rate in the industrial world.” -Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History (Brief, Volume 2)

Inner light

By | July 10, 2017

Here is a variant of Wittgenstein’s diary thought experiment, using the inner light in place of private, inner sensation. Suppose I decide to try to discover whether and when I suffer from zombie episodes, episodes of phenomenal absence. So I keep a diary, and I write ‘L’ in the diary on those days when my… Read More »