This person has noticed something I realized fairly recently as well, where he mentioned “kubernetes’s insane complexity proliferating #devops.”

Kubernetes is IT’s alternate path to having the a kind of sorting that other professions have, except instead of by degrees or other credentials (as those are less relevant in IT), they’ve chosen complexity. Probably only 10% of extant IT people have a hope of understanding the needless and valueless complexity of Kubernetes and related tech. That is a feature, not some accident.

While I agree that something like Kubernetes (though designed in a much saner way) does have its uses, most of those using it don’t actually need it. At least 90% of its real-world use would be better-served by a standard HA setup and a DR site or two.

It’s only picked up so much use because the drive in IT to professionalize and Kubernetes is one way to sort out those who can handle something utterly pointless but extremely convoluted from those who prefer sensible solutions. Kubernetes and related is credential-like in that respect and that, mainly, is its entire purpose.