Unknown Sister

This woman might actually be me. She seems to have lived my life story.

but at the time it was hell. bullied throughout elementary school, by middle school I learned I could deflect much of it by antagonizing the teachers, making a spectacle of my disobedience. pretty soon I had detention more days than I didn’t, and my mother refused to pick me up after school anymore. this got me into the habit of reading my textbooks cover to cover the first couple weeks of a new year so I wouldn’t have to carry anything on the two-mile walk home. it was enough to do fine on tests, but that was the end of homework.

The only substantial difference is she decided to drop out of school and I didn’t. I learned how to play the game while committing almost no effort to it, while for the last three years of high school I devoted myself to having fun and improving myself in spite of school.

Looking back, I should’ve dropped out but I had no way to know that then. You can only walk the path that you can you see.

In fact, beyond fifth grade I shouldn’t have been in school at all. Probably leaving earlier would’ve been fine as well.