Unpopular Opinion – The Witch is the Best Horror Film of the Past 10 Years.

Not unpopular with me, because The Witch is incredible and marvelous and lovely in its own way.

Non-horror fans should definitely watch this movie, even if you think you won’t like it. It’s not all that scary, but it’s extremely unnerving.

Why, though, should non-horror fans watch it? Because it is utterly committed to existing in its chosen time period of the 17th century Puritan colonial North America. After you watch this film, you’ll realize how terrible most “historical” dramas are, and how lacking in nuance or commitment to their era or the way people approached problems cognitively in a completely different cultural context.

I re-watch very, very few films, but I will definitely view The Witch again one day soon.

Watch this movie. It’s just fantastic. After I did, all movies I attempted after seemed limp and pallid. God, what a great film.