Up What Creak

The Hinges of History Creak.

Not a very insightful analysis. Yes, we are in times of change but the Russian military (sans nuclear weapons) is no threat at all to NATO. They’d be crushed in weeks if they moved against any NATO country. Days, more likely. The threat of China is overrated and overstated, as well (economically, militarily is a different matter).

This is just another boring example of linear extrapolation of recent trends and will work about as well as you’d expect, if you have a brain. It’s one of those “tough-minded” analyses that really says nothing new or even really analyzes anything. It’s crap, but it’s smart people crap so a lot of mooks will be snookered by it.

This is just light Russian-sponsored agitprop to attempt to blunt opposition. Easy to see through.