I don’t even know who Warren Ellis is, so trying to figure this out is probably pointless. But here’s a case where it seems women are deliberately self-infantilizing because they regret dating some nerdy dude.

From what I can tell, he didn’t target minors, he only used some so-called power differential (that to me seems, uh, pretty non-differential) to do what? Date? Like normal people used to? But that’s called “grooming” now I think. If the algorithm didn’t approve it, it shouldn’t happen, after all.

Or as a few Twitter users said:

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Ellis seems a bit more aggressive than I’d ever be, but he doesn’t seem to have ever attempted to date minors, and the main regret of these women appears to be that they didn’t become as successful as they hoped — so now they regret dating the guy for a bit.

I literally cannot figure out what he did wrong except being a serial dater and a bit of a jerk sometimes.

If a woman did what he has done, by the way, she’d be considered “cool and sexually liberated.” That’s how you can always tell what it’s really about.