Veg Eatable

I can’t find the tweet any more because it was several months ago, but someone who was anti-vegetable claimed that no one really liked vegetables because they always put loads of butter on them and other sauces, so that “proved” that vegetables were terrible.

I’m fine with and have often eaten broccoli and cauliflower just raw with no sauce of any kind. Tastes good to me. I’ve eaten salads with no or little dressing. Corn straight off the plant is wonderful. Homegrown tomatoes warm off the vine are amazing. (I’m using the colloquial definition of “vegetable” here.) I wouldn’t eat a potato raw, but a baked potato with no butter while not preferred would be perfectly esculent to me.

It’s just odd how when many people dislike something they assume no one could actually like it. While I think sauces and butter and such improve the taste of many vegetables, just as they do for meat, I’m fine with vegetables completely unsauced.

Anthropologists and psychologists claim everyone has a “theory of mind” for other people. I am not so sure given the example of people like anti-vegetable dude. Just because I don’t like Seinfeld doesn’t mean that I can’t understand that other people actually do like and enjoy it.