Waste Not

By | November 7, 2018

Please don’t waste your money on stuff like this.

That’s $3,000 for something that won’t nearly be as effective as free weights and requires a monthly subscription fee. I don’t like going to gym, either, but why are people so allergic to free weights?

Resistance bands and such aren’t totally useless (and for certain parts of certain exercises are more effective), but you’ll never get as good as workout with this over-engineered gear as you get with free weights — and free weights are a lot cheaper. Just buy a $400 weight set and some dumbbells and watch some YouTube videos and you’ll have saved $2,200, be able to get more fit and won’t be sending anyone money every month.

But if you do buy this garbage, please let me know because I have some other useless crap…uh, I mean quality goods….to sell you.