Weeks Out

Was just talking about this with my partner yesterday. Supposedly, America is very rich. But if you live or visit anywhere else in the Western or developed world, the US doesn’t feel rich at all. It feels like a shithole country.

The food here is far worse. The housing options are atrocious and expensive unless you are wealthy. The transportation options are horrendous and if available, also expensive. There are hostile, racist and angry right-wing assclowns just everywhere. Everyone is fat and obviously unhealthy. Relatedly, the US health care “system” is laughable and even most of the developing (much less developed) world has far better and cheaper options. Corruption is rampant and we can’t build anything or maintain most of what we build.

It only takes a few weeks outside the US to realize this place really fucking sucks. The “greatest country on earth.” We’re not even the greatest country in North America.

There’s a great deal of ruin in a nation, to borrow from Adam Smith, and we seem content to explore every bit of that dissolution.