What will actually happen

This past week my partner and I toured many coastal areas that are almost certainly going to be inundated by the rising sea within the next twenty years.

We were discussing the inevitable in two senses: that the sea would rise (one can see evidence of this already, in person) and that since many coastal inhabitants are wealthy, it’d be — just as in the Great Recession — poorer people who would be bearing the costs of the wealthy for mitigation, insurance and relief claims, and finally migration.

Speculation on taxing or abandonment and all of that are good, but what will end up happening in the US at least is that the poor coastal residents will be left mostly to their own devices, and those with the $2 million houses near St. Augustine will receive full recompense for even the mildest inconvenience related to global climate change.

My future is more likely than any I’ve seen so far on this topic.