What’s that sound

Yes, this has been extremely puzzling. I’ve seen people (many, many people) portraying it as “sticking it to the man.”

Motherfucker, Obama IS the man. Millionaire ex-president rolling in more dough than a Pillsbury factory explosion. That is the very definition of the man.

The Clinton- and Obama-bots are comical in their vapid clueless dopiness.

Update: If you think I am exaggerating, look at this shit:

That’s barely worth responding to, but Jane Sanders is Bernie Sanders’ husband, not Bernie Sanders. This is the same crew of course that repeated ad nauseam that we should not judge Hillary by anything that her husband had done.

Second, Jane Sanders was not accused of any crime, much less charged with one. She appears to have just been a poor and rather clueless manager. If that were a crime, half of America would be in jail.

These are also the same people accusing Trump of being delusional, by the way.

It’s sad as for several years Kendzior was my favorite writer. And now she’s just a regular ol’ American nutcase — a leftie Alex Jones or Stephen Bannon.

I don’t mind making mistakes, but I hope I never descend into the pitiful and shameful depths of self-parody that the Drums and Mannions and Kendziors and Marcottes of the world have now reached.