Who writes this crap?

Does just no research at all happen in journalism anymore?

Ten years ago, Amazon unleashed a technology that we now call, for better or for worse, cloud computing. As it turned out, the cloud spawned a revolution. Along the way, many were slow to realize just how big this revolution could be. But now, as 2015 comes to a close, they finally do.

Back in 2006, Amazon was just an online retailer, but it decided to try something new. It offered up a series of online services where the world’s businesses could build and operate software—websites and mobile apps, in particular—without setting up their own hardware.

Rackspace was founded in 1998, and did much the same thing as Amazon. That was eight years before Amazon tried anything similar.

In addition, there were also more specialty Unix-focused data centers that operated much the same as modern ones beginning in the mid-70s.

Remote data centers where almost all is managed by the host is not a new idea at all. Amazon did not invent it, nor did they come up with most of the main innovations in that space.

I bet Wired was paid to write this article.

The cloud is just a computer that’s somewhere else other than where you are. That’s all it is. Everything else is just someone trying to hoodwink you.