Why the classic desktop?

Why do people who need to get real work done insist on the classic desktop metaphor? This Slashdot commenter I think said it best.

iOS has been very successful among non-technical users because it simplifies things a lot more than a standard W.I.M.P. design – but once you get beyond casual use and into doing real work, multitasking becomes a necessity, and there is still nothing better than a "classic desktop" for that.

Slashdot has also recently suffered a crippling re-design, so there is no way any longer to link directly to a comment (which is typical of modern design bullshit), but it’s part of this story.

But what the commenter said is exactly correct – once you need to look at or access more than one thing at a time (and don’t get started with the completely asinine “multi-tasking is impossible!” spiel that has nothing to do with workflow) to get real work done, using a Fisher Price “My First YouTube Video” interface just doesn’t cut it.

Funny that Slashdot has also gone down the road of terrible, unusable UI design right around this story appeared on its front page.