I rail against Windows 8 and similar OSes frequently only because I often need to get real work done on my machine and an OS like that strongly prevents it.

It’s not that I don’t like change; I’ve been changing OSes and GUIs, as I’ve pointed out previously, before most people had any idea what an “OS” was.

Professional and expert users are probably around 2% of the computer market, but these are the people from which most of the work done on computers originates. And right now it seems that in the future there will be no OS for them to use at all.

For the things I do with my machine, a phone OS just doesn’t cut it. If I have to explain to you why that is so, it probably means you are using your computer mainly as a play toy.

That might seem harsh, but it’s a reality.

Sometimes I am remoted into – and actively working on – six user machines and 7-10 servers at the same time, doing related tasks where I need to see bits of 3-6 different screens at the same time, often while consulting technical documentation in yet another application.

Tell me again how I am supposed to that on a single-tasking, one-window phone interface?