Wrong Path

EU calls for calm amid violent COVID protests across Europe.

Why are so many European countries doing this to themselves? They are breaking their own compact with their citizens and it’ll long-term result in reduced vaccine and booster uptake and more deaths. And when the next pandemic hits, it’ll be so much worse.

Much of the discontent, however, is targeted at politicians who had promised that vaccinations would bring freedom. With the Delta variant making sure contagion remains rampant, EU governments are being forced to reimpose constraints and — in some countries — slap tougher restrictions on the nonvaccinated.

Notice that language: “forced,” as it’s not a choice.

So as everyone is acknowledging, the problem is with the unvaccinated, but restrictions are being placed on the entire populace in most places. What sort of sense does this make? This tells you it’s not really about the pandemic at all.

Resist lockdown now or you won’t have a chance later. It was a very, very bad idea to emulate something innovated by an authoritarian government (China) in a panic as a permanent “pandemic” solution. Very bad indeed.