Yes, this comment perfectly describes my level of obliviousness from the age of 13-25 or so. Something very near that happened to me, and of course I missed the signs.

I was staying over at the house of a girl I used to date, but we’d broken up very amicably about six months before. Her sister was single, very bright and absolutely gorgeous.

On that night as I was about to sleep, the sister came out to the couch where I was about to lie down and said to me, “You don’t have to sleep on the couch. You can sleep in my bed.”

I said, “Oh, no, the couch is fine. Why should you have to sleep on the couch? It’s your house.”

She replied, “Oh, no, I plan to be there, too.”

“Your bed is really small,” I said, completely fucking clueless. “I’ll be fine out here.” Her face looked strangely disappointed as she walked away.

About two weeks later, I nearly crashed my car when I realized she had wanted to sleep with me in the sense of not actually doing much sleeping, and probably thought I was rejecting her.


In fact, this whole Reddit thread reminds me of myself.

I am almost certain that there are more subtle hints I’ve also missed in the past and never realized.

From talking to other guys over the years, I’d say about 20-40% of them will be nearly completely oblivious to almost all hints; we are just not socialized that way. It’s not on purpose, truly. Fucking trust me on that.