Your business model

I’ve seen repeated justifications for the idea that I should do or not do something because someone’s business model will suffer due to my actions or lack thereof.

Fuck your business model.

I don’t give a crap about your business model.

I should look at ads on the web because it’s the business model? Who cares. It’s a terrible business model that makes my life worse. I’ll look at your ad when you pay for my $3,000 computer and screen to look at your virus-spewing bullshit. You know what? I see about one ad a year and it’s great.

What’s that you say, there’d be less content on the web if no one looked at ads? So be it. Something better will then develop as it’s not like we’ll just abandon the web if ads disappear.

I remember it before it had ads, and you know what? It was better.

The car dealership business model will suffer if I buy a car direct from Tesla? Sounds good to me. I’d buy 3-4 if I could afford it.

Your business model ain’t got a single reason I should do a goddamn thing. Nor will I.