You’re Not Trusted

This is the only article I’ve seen whose writer clearly understands what TPM 2.0 and the Windows 11 requirements for it is really about.

You can see the wood for the trees here. When a company tells you that you need something, and it’s “for your own good,” and hey, they’re just on a humanitarian aid mission to save you from yourself, one should be highly skeptical.

Ha. The same with the liberal “for your own good.” Well, that’s because they are all part of the same formless, gormless glob of capitalistic depravity that will make whatever claims they think their propaganda victims are likely to buy: e.g., it’s “for your own good” or “this will protect the children” or “we just need to lock down longer” or “masks don’t work” and then “oh wait, masks do work” or “there’s no inflation” or “who could have known that a massive housing bubble would cause problems?” etc.

Getting back on topic (though really all of the above is part of the larger topic), TPM 2.0 is a necessary step to ubiquitous control and surveillance that’s now inevitably on its way, fully supported by both political factions in the US, and almost all others around the world.