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By | July 31, 2013

It’s amazing how often in my life that people have told me that I am doing something “wrong” even when I end up doing it faster, better and more efficiently than they do, and more reliably to boot, yet I am still “wrong” in the way that I do it. Funny how that works. One… Read More »

WGET outta here

By | July 28, 2013

The common Unix-y utility “wget” used as evidence of guilt in the Manning trail. This sort of thing follows from my post below. I’ve used wget probably 500 times in my life. It’s not a hacking tool. I can’t even see how it could be used as a hacking tool. Criminalizing general purpose computing has… Read More »


By | July 28, 2013

In the abstract, I support the egalitarian ideal of allowing everyone access to technology and making that tech easier for them to use. In the concrete when it makes my life worse, I wish we’d not ever let stupid people use computers – because it really harms me. All of this push to take away… Read More »

Jail and school are now not so different

By | July 27, 2013

Zero Tolerance Policies Put Students In The Hands Of Bad Cops. I can think of at least a dozen incidents in high school that I was involved in that would now definitely land me in jail. I am very, very glad I am not attending a public school now.


By | July 26, 2013

I am not surprised to read that Florida cities took 3 of the 4 top slots for the worst drivers, including the area where we live. Listen, everyone thinks “their” drivers are the worst. You’re wrong. I’ve driven in a lot of places, including some most Americans have no experience with – such as Egypt.… Read More »

Board up

By | July 26, 2013

Because people see what they want to see, and are trained to their own reactions, it’s amazing how many times in my life that people have mistaken disinterestedness and boredom for fear and nervousness.


By | July 25, 2013

Was feeling like punk tonight. Not the “real” performance. Lip-synched (they are playing the song, but you aren’t hearing that, but the studio-recorded version), and I really like how they are riffing on that in the video, and how they keep trading clothes. Also those two women have about the coolest haircuts ever, especially the… Read More »

Ack ack

By | July 24, 2013

I read a lot of academic papers. Most of them are poorly written. And I don’t mean over-use of jargon or words I don’t understand. These I don’t have a problem with. It’s what dictionaries and further reading are for. What I mean is that academic culture seem to think that obscurity equals scholarship, when… Read More »


By | July 24, 2013

If people weren’t idiots, Facebook wouldn’t exist. We already did this. It was called “AOL.” Now Facebook is actively making my life worse because many businesses and other organizations have only Facebook pages. In every way, these pages are inferior to a website. They often lack crucial information, such as an address or phone number… Read More »

The default human

By | July 23, 2013

Just a little, I’ve started to notice a shift away from a male being the default human in media. Perhaps it is just my wishful thinking, but I noticed it again today when I was looking at a hiking brochure for a park in Florida. This is one portion of the brochure: Of the seven… Read More »