Apr 07

Pushing Down

I pretty easily did 50 push-ups tonight without stopping or being all that tired at the end. Still getting stronger.


Apr 07


Too many motherfuckers are just wicked dumb. Like, they take an IQ test and the paper catches fire from the dimwit-waves.

Apr 06

Not Bad

Since the start of this crisis, in the market account that I trade in and look at more than once a year, I’ve lost only 2%. Meanwhile the S&P 500 has lost about 17%. And they say you can’t time the market.

So, not bad. Not bad at all. Someone should pay me for this shit.

Apr 06

No Grace

The main thing the pandemic reveals is how deeply disgraceful our society is. Yes, the US is a failed state, and a particularly absurd one given its vast wealth, but it has failed in a debased and degraded way so aburd that it’d be funny if it didn’t harm and kill so many people.

It’s like watching a clown car go off a cliff while playing the soundtrack to Cats. It’s a fucking ludicrous tragedy that was utterly preventable and yet no one had enough will and foresight to lift a single finger to put a halt to it — with of course centrists screaming that anything else was impossible as they frantically snip the brake lines, put a brick on the accelerator pedal and remove all the guardrails.

Apr 06


That’s because diversity to liberals/neoliberals (now the same) is a panoply of different skin colors of people who otherwise act, look, and think exactly the same. Like all neoliberal projects, it’s an illusion of choice — like 25 different brands of toothpaste all peddled by the same company.

And if you object to this pretend “diversity,” you are racist and cancelled.

Apr 06

No Cuomo

That is a bit odd, isn’t it?

Apr 06


This is why I say 20-40 million excess deaths in 2-7 years if we don’t make fixing unemployment a huge priority. This is a known extremely negative life event that causes enormous identity crises even apart from poverty and the like.