Nov 15

Kriss Kross Gonna Make You

For a moment, I didn’t realize this was a satire tweet and I was like, Umm, how is the CPU supposed to work? (I know that the JMP is not absolutely required, but unless you like CPUs that are a millionth their current speed, it is!)

Nov 15


That is realistic as to speed. It would be moving that velocity or faster. ICBMs re-enter the atmosphere at 6-7km/s. Air resistance starts slowing them down but they are quite aerodynamic, so they’d still be going 3-4km/s by the time they got close to the ground. Also note that the re-entry vehicle is not the missile you see flying. The RVs are shaped like sharp bullets. Like this:

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Yes, you would be able to see it at night. No rocket engine, but remember how I said that ICBM RVs enter the atmosphere at 6-7km/s? That means they generate massive air friction and their external components quickly start glowing red- or white-hot. There’s some kind of aluminum lattice that shields the vital components, and some other things I can’t remember, but anyway, the re-entry vehicle would glow at night, and brightly enough that you’d definitely be able to see your doom arriving.

Nov 15


Yep! I find massive security holes in software all the time by accident. That is, I just try to do something, notice that I can do more than I’m supposed to be able to, and explore that. If I tried, I am sure I could find just loads more.

“Secure” software is like a latched screen door. Normal software is like a house with no doors at all. Most software is like a door with no roof or walls. It’s a sign that most hackers/crackers aren’t all that good that there aren’t more massive breaches.

Nov 15

The Once And Future Identitying

Progressive hierarchy creation and preservation is the hidden impetus for much that you observe now. The infiltration of neoliberal thought and the subsumption of genuine progressive forces under that rubric explains most of the explosion of identity politicking, not any real desire for positive change. Creating more hierarchy, more divisions, is how consumerist society metastasizes into arenas where it should not impinge, and of course you are a racist or TERF or some other form of bigot if you resist this in any way. Even the arena of dating is becoming increasingly constricted as pseudo-choices are made for you by those who “know best” what’s best for you. The illusion of choice while having none is the characteristic of our age, and no one is willing to enforce this as stringently as an enlightened progressive mind who will wail about “choosing my choice” but will inveigh mightily against anyone and sanction them mercilessly if someone does not make the same decision — in love, in being, in just denying the validity of the choice at all.

Nov 15


So much for Pinker’s dipshit ideas. India is very fucked. Has not enough water, is poorly run, and climate change is going to cause millions of deaths there from water shortages and likely war with Pakistan.

Nov 15


AJAC has been unbanned, and I bet this tweet is what got him banned in the first place (he said he doesn’t know why he was banned):

I am sure that caused mass reporting of his account by people who don’t want to believe it and by corporate shills.

Nov 15


In 2000, Siri Abrahamson moved to London from Sweden. In 2016, the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. In June 2017, while in a grocery store checkout line, Abrahamson spoke to her children, all of whom are bilingual, in Swedish. That’s when she heard a man’s voice behind her. “Speak English,” he said.

But we’ve been told that Brexit, all the eruptions around the world, are all about RACISM and RACISM only. You mean that was a lie? How could that be?

And yes, I know that not all Swedish people are blonde-haired and blue-eyed, but Siri Abrahamson is. I found her easily on LinkedIn.

So explain to me again how it’s all just racism, please. Because a lot of Swedish people are the whitest motherfuckers on earth.

Nov 15

Own No

That’s about the size of it. The “deplorables” of the world count for nothing, especially if you can’t use them as mascots or to wipe nana’s bum after they illegally immigrate to the US.

Nov 14

No Site In Sight

I am waiting for the day when Mozilla removes Firefox’s ability to access websites as it’s “more secure” that way, and that “allowing a user the choice of websites is inimical to the goals of security and performance.” You think that sounds ridiculous, just recall some of the BS they’ve already pulled.