Apr 17


Powell Signals Rate-Cut Delay After Run of Inflation Surprises.

“Surprises” only if you are a dumbass. I told everyone this was going to happen. And it did. “Transitory” was always a lie. The “transitory” clowns changed their story repeatedly, declared victory during a brief lull, and now (again) look like the absolute fucking idiots that they in fact are.

Personally, I wish they’d been right. Inflation is terrible. But the fact is they never were and I care about evidence and reality over wishful lies.

Apr 15


Sometimes I am mystified and flabbergasted by the things junior members of my team think and do. I’m not sure I was ever that green. Playing with compies from the time I was four means I probably was not. At least not working in the corporate world.

Apr 15

Shallow Pool

Why don’t women understand that all the crappy things that fat women experience, fat men experience them too.

In my experience, women are just as shallow as men if not more so — but they just hide it better as they are socially trained to do so. Women treat me a hundred times better now that I am super fit and that my face changed shape a lot. It’s a night and day difference. It has made me a bit bitter, to be honest. Getting hotter has made me have more sympathy for incels, not less. Strange, that.