Apr 20

mRNA Yay

Agreed. It’s not perfect — nothing is — but that tech offers the possibility of vaccines for diseases that we could not previously plausibly create such things for, and it might even allow vaccination against many types of cancer (though by no means all).

mRNA tech could be on par with antibiotics in utility and life-saving capabilities over the long term. At the very least it’s already saved several hundred thousand lives, so what’s not to love?

Apr 20

I’m Too Sexy For My Code

Because I do what I do, I get pitches all the time via email from companies trying to get me to spend money with them. Some of them are rather…strange, even though they are from (relatively) legit companies. For instance, I got one today that was advertising in the subject line “pretty pretty killer California devs.”

Now, surely they aren’t actually saying that their devs are “pretty” as in “attractive” so I assume they are attempting to use “pretty” as an intensifier, but doing it so ineptly and in an unusual way that it’s actually not very clear. And if they are making some claim about the pulchritude of their developers, why would they think I’d care and how is this relevant at all?

I also assume they mean “killer” as in, you know, “killin’ it” but maybe the devs are also contract assassins? And also why would I care at all that they are from or in California?

The whole subject line is just beyond strange, like many of those emails I receive.

Apr 20

Virtue Reality

Because it’s fucking pointless, and I am just generally against pointless things, especially if they are done just to make liberals feel virtuous. No thank you.

Part of is that I grew up with people telling me to do shit that was unnecessary, that I knew was unnecessary and that they also knew was unnecessary, but we still had to go through the charade. I can’t tolerate any more of that at all, ever, no matter how many liberals it makes cry. Won’t do it, can’t do it.

Apr 19

Paucity of Revelation

I’ve thought quite a lot about this lack any sort of vision for the future. Part of this deficit of imagination is just due to polarization but another factor is I believe the diminution of the humanities and the denigration and reduction of the study of anything not STEM-centric.

There can be and will be no invention of a better future if the past is a blank, the present is a spreadsheet, and all minds are filled only with equations rather than inspiration from art, from books, from some declaration of human aspirations and betterment.

Apr 18

No Sust

My pantry restock game does not involve eating absolute garbage so other than a few granola bars, no, it doesn’t include any of those items. Some of those things, even under a very broad definition, should not be considered food.

That’s the way to be fat and malnourished at the same time.

Apr 18

Hard Vard

I like doing that to people who expect to impress me for having gone to fancy schools.

Things I’ve said in real life to such hoity-toity people:

  • “Cornell? Is that an agricultural school? You know, ‘corn?'”
  • “Brown? Where’s that community college at? I think my mom went there.”
  • “Stanford? Haven’t heard of it.”

That can be really, really fun.

Apr 18

Nick of Time

People make fun of Bostrom’s premises about potential technological annihilation (sometimes for good reason), ignoring the fact that nuclear weapons exist already.

Now that’s funny.

Apr 18


Cool. In the US at least in about 2-3 weeks, case numbers are going to crash, fatality rate will too, and the doom-mongers will look even more foolish than they already do.