Sep 28

Various Ks

I know they are not, but when I hear people assert they cannot tell the difference between 4K, 5K and low-res 1080p and below (etc.) I just think they have to be lying.

The difference is so obvious and plain to me that…how could you not be able to tell? It’s like having a kitten and a T. Rex in front of you and saying, “These look the same to me. No difference at all.”

Human visual systems just aren’t that different. I don’t have Superman eyes. What’s going on here? (And yes I can tell reliably even when I don’t know what the monitor is.)

Sep 28

Risk Fact

If libs cared about what are real risks to them, instead of carping about people outside not wearing masks they’d work hard on losing weight, getting fit and not eating garbage. And they’d never ride in or drive a car again.

Sep 27


Same. 2020 is the year we finally entered the “consequences” phase of many past fuck-ups, flubs, fumbles and failures. Quite predictable! We knew climate change was on its way; we knew a pandemic was inevitable, and we knew inequality and lack of a functional medical system were extremely dangerous.

Yet we did nothing. Not only did nothing — we made them all worse after many, many warnings. So, as I said: predictable. Don’t listen to the “Who could have known?” crowd. They are just attempting to excuse their past inaction and present incompetence.

Many knew and have known for years.

Sep 27


As face masks become the norm, many wearers quietly suffer “mask anxiety.”

This is me. I hate wearing the mask more than anything else I’ve ever had to wear or do. I’d rather never go out if I had any choice than wear a mask.

If this become the liberal virtue signaling norm after the pandemic eases (which is likely), I’ll just not be able to participate in public life again.

Cannot breathe or think while wearing a mask. Does not get any better.

Sep 27

It Works

That’s the dipshit assclown mook defense againt everything. Something completely obvious, predicted well in advance occurs, and these shitheels are like, “How could anyone possibly have known?”

Repeats constantly, people fall for it. Which is I guess why it repeats. It works.

Sep 26

Risk Management

I’ve had a few people from my old job, after they made fun of me back in February for preparing for the pandemic, ask me how I knew what was going to happen.

Well, I didn’t “know” in any conventional sense. I examined the risks, determined a spectrum of likely outcomes ordered by probability and impact, and decided to hedge, as a good trader always does. It’s just as simple as that. I don’t have a crystal ball or psychic powers. I just know how to manage risk.

Sep 26


Ok, I’m a jerk, but I do continue to find it hilarious that the same crew who told many very lonely (mostly) men that “no one NEEDS love, sex, or human contact” is going just fucking apeshit during this long lockdown.

How’s it taste, fuckos? God I love the comedy that the universe sometimes provides. It rarely provides justice, but comedy? Yeah, it’s got that.

Sep 26

Masked Out

I’d like someone to do a sociological study about how and why so many experts were so wrong about mask-wearing early in the pandemic.

These people had access to all the same information that I did, and more, and yet still got it wrong. How is that possible?