May 24

Arc Welding

There is no arc of history. There is what you make happen and what you forego, chanting the centrist mantra of “nothing is possible.” The whole “arc of history” idea is just a high-minded gloss on the “nothing is possible” philosophy because it implies actions without actors, events without causes, and that justice occurs because it is moral.

This is not the way history bends and not what moves the world. Power and action mobilize change. Nothing else does.

May 22


I kind of knew this already, but Jill Fillipovic is a hypocritical piece of shit. This is an example of the “feminists” we’re stuck with — really power-apologist neoliberals.

Tara Reade “lied” about her degree nonsense is the Anita Hill treatment all over again, just in a different guise. Filipovic is all about smearing someone not in her income bracket and who might make pervy Uncle Joe look bad.

May 22


Everybody done know WFH was more productive. That it’s even more productive during a goddamn pandemic means absent that it’d be 2x at least.

It was always power-hungry MBA types who didn’t want people to work from home.

May 22

Rift Shift

Strange, isn’t it, how ideologies shift so drastically and then most people deny that it has occurred? Of course context matters but 180 degree reversals are hard to explain in any sort of comprehensible framework.

May 22


Well, the contrapostive is that if he had tested very negatively, he’d be negative on his positive. And which in all positivity would negate the negation of his non-non-negativity, which I’d also be nonplussed to discuss without any negativity.

And of all that, I am almost positive.

May 21


Just thought of something strange about my grandmother, who would be 85 now if she were still alive.

She loved Cheech & Chong movies. Really loved them. Not sure why, as that couldn’t have been further removed from her life and its trappings.

She adored them so much that she would watch them over and over again. Huh.

May 21

Worse Than Covid

Why do people do things like this? Don’t they know the risk of coming across someone like me?

Ninety-nine out of a hundred times you are fine. But that hundredth time you end up with someone who puts you in the hospital. Which I will, and gladly.

May 21

Party Line

Ha. Remember when the liberals were all for censoring everything? This was the inevitable and predictable result.

Soon, it’ll be impossible to find accurate information. All you’ll find is what the “experts” lie about, and the centrist types echo.

May 21

Nor That Way

This is how much easier a spoken language Norwegian is than French: I could understand as much spoken Norwegian in two months as I could French in five years.

There is a reason the French have dictée competitions — French is one of the most difficult spoken languages to understand. I don’t have any interest in learning any more Norwegian than I currently know, but I think I could easily learn to understand pretty much all spoken and written Norwegian in less than a year. By contrast, that same task in French has taken more than a decade.