Mar 04

mRNA Say

I hope to get one of the mRNA vaccines, not traditional, because I am betting they will be more long-term effective. I don’t have firm evidence of this — just speculation from multiple sources. But an mRNA-based jab is what I’d prefer if I have any choice.

Of course, I will take the first available, though.

Mar 04


sometimes i remember these photos of Kristen Stewart and Janelle Monae and my ovaries explode.

At the time these were taken, Monae was in her 30s and Stewart was still in her 20s. According to modern lib/fem doctrine, that is automatically abuse — if it were a male/female pairing. So why is it not abuse in this case?

(Note that I don’t think any pairing of any gender above the age of majority is automatically abuse, but many do these days. In fact, I think men and women should date a wide range of ages throughout their entire lives.)

Mar 04


I now use seven different browsers to do what I used to be able to do in one browser — before Firefox became broken.

I now use:

  • Safari on Mac
  • Vivaldi on Mac
  • Waterfox on Mac and Linux
  • Firefox on Windows and Linux
  • Chrome on Windows
  • Edge on Windows
  • Brave Browser on Mac

Because each of those seven does one thing I used to be able to do with Firefox alone.

So fucked.

Mar 04

Outright Full

When you start paying me for work I did 30 years ago, this argument would make any sort of sense. What the fuck, are these people just outright full fucking morons?

Just appear to be total dimwits so much so that even a single-photon detector registers nothing.

Mar 04

Copy Off

I understand book publishing and how it functions just fine, but I think works should have a copyright period of 10 years, with the possibility of a 10 year extension. (I’d actually prefer no copyright at all, and a whole different system for supporting artists, but that is nearly impossible to even discuss with people.)

Why do authors think because they create something, they should hold monopoly rights to it in near perpetuity? I’ve created systems for companies that I was only paid for with a salary. Some are still in use today, 10+ years later. How is that different?

Copyright was always about balancing the public good with the ability of artists to make money — with the emphasis on the public good! Why do people like Silvia Moreno-Garcia think that they have some right to keep cashing checks from beyond the grave, no matter the reasons? I know, I know, a person won’t understand something that their salary depends on them not understanding, but I am always flummoxed by how people can be so ahistorical and clueless.

Somewhere around 95% of books make $0 after the first five years. Why are those books locked up for life+70 years?

I know people like Moreno-Garcia defend a broken system because they are worried a better one would harm them, but it still doesn’t make it a good or sensible way of doings things. Quite the opposite.

Mar 04

Outed In

It has been known since about the very beginning that it was safe to socialize outdoors. I’ve been banging on about this on my blog for a long, long time now. It was mostly absurdly-misinformed liberals who were crying about people socializing outdoors, aided and abetted by our terrible and nearly-worthless media.

Mar 04

M Friend

This is happening with IT/infrastructure right now. Containerization, spiraling complexity, most cloud-related things, all of this is more about professionalization of my field rather than any real productivity improvements. Much of it is a sham to kick the “riffraff” out and make it all MBA-friendly.