Feb 20

Harder Than

Yes. I wonder often how I’d be different if I hadn’t grown up in rural North Florida. Probably would be, but the counterfactual is impossible to know.

Feb 20


At my previous job, where I was not a C-level, I often had 8 hours of meetings scheduled a day. Nightmare. People would try to schedule meetings during my lunch and would get angry when I declined them.

They’d say, “Well, it was the only free time on your calendar!” Yeah, there’s a reason for that.

Feb 20


The good thing about if I ever became a billionaire is that I’m already as big a jerk as I’m ever going to be. It wouldn’t change me much. I’d probably just give away a lot of the money, not fake give it away like a lot of billionaires do.

People would still get angry at me, though, because I’d do an expedition to Mars just so I could put a pull-up bar on Hellas Planitia. And when people asked me, “Mike, why’d you put a pull-up bar on Mars?” I’d say, “DUH, so I could do a pull-up on Mars, what are you, some kind of dumbass?”

Well, you see what I mean.

Feb 20

Unavoidable Complexity

Turns out all those crazy things (and more) were true. Occam’s Razor is only useful if you don’t know anything else. Complexity is unavoidable when it matches actual features of the universe.

Feb 20

The Gate

Intellectuals tend to want to make things more complicated than they must be because it excludes others and keeps the barriers to entry high. Sometimes, the world is complex. That is unavoidable. But a lot of what you see is artificially convoluted; this is unnecessary and is about protecting existing power and is designed for gatekeeping.

Feb 19


Agreed. You’d have to quadruple my salary (and I don’t make a small salary) for me to even considering doing that job. It’s just too hard.

And then I still would not do it.

Feb 19


This is a real-life example of the Baudrillardian simulation replacing the real, obliterating it completely.

The woman had likely never smelled a real lemon (even if she had seen them in grocery stores), but had only experienced lemon-scented products. Thus, “lemon” to her was not connected to anything other than itself. It did not exist apart from its product associations and their scents.

I see examples of this fairly often, but this is pretty egregious one.