Oct 03

First Last

I flew first class for the first and likely only time recently on a fairly long flight. It’s not worth it. I just did it because the upgrade from cattle class was fairly cheap and I gots the money.

Food was ok. Seat was bigger, but I’m not a huge guy nor tall so it matters less for me. I ordered an old fashioned and it was pretty good, though I’ve had far better in bars. There’d really need to be something more in first class, though, to justify that kind of expense. Status games and such just don’t do it for me. Maybe if they let you fly the plane for a bit. 😉

So flying first class — I did it once and don’t need to do it again.

Oct 03

Tikked Off

As with Facebook, I will never use TikTok. Because just as with Facebook, it’s one of the grand slam scammy shams of all time. If you like the CCP having all your data, TikTok might be for you!

What a waste of life and time.

Oct 03

Lab Blab

Despite all the “evidence,” I’m still 95% sure Covid-19 was a lab leak.

Oct 03

Treated Like

I think a lot of trust-fund, college-coddled, student-for-life types (Laurie Penny and her ilk) really do not mentally become adults until their thirties or perhaps forties. This phenomenon is less likely to occur in men because even most wealthy men realize the vast indifference of the universe towards them quite early in life, money or no.

But for some women like Laurie, sure, I can see them not developing beyond teenhood until they are 40. So when they posit that they were nothing but a wittle tiny helpless baby even when they were 32, I think they are in fact telling their own truth. I haven’t spent time around many women like that so it’s hard for me to accept that it could be an actual thing I think. Most of the women I know worked early, endured hard experiences, had no trust fund and were fully adults mentally by the time they hit 18.

Unfortunately, these trust-fund babies-till-they’re-40 types dominate media and attempt to force absurd morals based on their very limited and cloistered experiences on the rest of us — and harm a lot of women in the process by removing their agency and erasing their lives and experiences.

Oct 02

Evac Cost

It is. It takes logistics, money and transpo. Not including sunk costs (vehicle, etc.), it cost us about $1,000 to evacuate for three days.

A lot of people don’t have a grand just ready to toss around. And that doesn’t even include the cost of having to bin all our food because the power was off too long for much of it be salvageable.

Oct 02

Never Go

The thing I like least about being human is that when everyone around you is doing obvious clown shit you’re expected to do it too or you’re ostracized — but when the obvious clown shit proves to be obvious clown shit, no one ever apologizes or makes it right. You’re still seen as the “bad one” because you didn’t go along with the whole farce.

I never go along and I never will.

Oct 02

Race Schism

That was all over the place for a month or more in February-March 2020 but has been completely memory-holed now. Just totally forgotten.

Oct 02


Lord we were fucking nuts. Well, at least some of us (them).