Aug 03


This is liberal religion. It goes along with their prudishness, or that’s the well from which this weird moralizing springs. They really believe that “if it’s fun, it must spread the virus.” This is why all the shit-for-brains whining about people being outside without masks and the beach photos and the like.

The virus has no morality, though. It just is.

Aug 03

State Space

Both liberals and conservatives want to deny or poorly obviate the complexity space of life, just in different ways, both of which are inimical to true human flourishing.

Aug 03

How Much Better?

Trump is certainly to blame for a lot of the botched pandemic response. No argument here. I am by no means a Trump supporter nor have I ever or will I ever vote for that clown.

However, blaming all that’s gone wrong on Trump — as so many do, especially “liberals” — just seems utterly wrong to me. We’d already spent the last 40 years gutting our most important agencies, undermining confidence in government, and slashing budgets wherever we could. Much of that was done by Democrats, or allowed by them. Trump didn’t have anything to do with any of that except the last few years where he cut just a bit more.

I think a lot of the Trump blame stems from the desire not to point fingers at the DNC and for liberals to avoid casting blame on themselves for the vast failures of liberalism. After all, 99% of them bought into the neoliberal swill and hogwash about free markets, were ardent advocates of bootstrapism, and most of them believed and probably still believe that lack of good fortune is one’s own fault.

Trump, then, is just a mild symptom of a disease they actively spread for almost two generations now. How much better would Clinton have done? Some, sure, but in the face of all that’s already been destroyed, and the intransigence and misogyny she would’ve been confronted with, how much better?

Aug 03


Now that is a good thread by someone who actually knows what the fuck they are talking about.

That is very rare these days.

Aug 03


Why do so many people like almond milk when it tastes like an absolute shitty gonorrhea-infected slimy garbage can?

Aug 02

Alien Nation

If I have not alienated myself from a community, it probably means I have not thought about its claims hard enough.

Aug 02

Please Mansplain

I wish someone would mansplain this stuff to me, as I am terrible with directions.

I have literally driven past my own house before (many times) because, as I said, I am fucking terrible with directions.

Please always mansplain to me where I need to turn, because if you don’t tell me I will probably miss it.

Aug 02


The “progressives” were already de-normalizing hugging as “harassment” and the pandemic is going to make that far worse. So much being lost that idiots seem to be cheering on.

Aug 02

Naughty Naughty

Is it just me or is it kind of weird how many “progressives” seem to be enjoying telling people how bad and naughty they are for not wanting to be stuck at home for years?