Jan 25

Bully For Them

I think one of the reasons I have such a visceral reaction to liberal shenanigans lately is that it’s obvious that most of these people are the “cool kids” in middle school who would’ve ground me into the dust.

Bullies are something I don’t tolerate, and most of them are bullies. Simple as that.

Jan 25

Boredom Time

Lately, people — especially liberals — seem to greatly desire art that doesn’t challenge them, is expressly designed to not make them think, that instills torpor and demands nothing.

I should not really have to say this, but that is not art. It might be entertainment (though not by my definition), but it is definitely not art. If all you want are works that comport with your every trivial thought and opinion, that cohere exactly with what you believe (or believe you want to believe), you are not engaged in any artistic practice but rather self-gratification and self-stultification.

I want no part of this. I want art that I disagree with. I want art that makes me ponder what it means and exactly why the artist made that choice. I want writing that challenges me to understand and to attempt to get inside the head of the writer and the characters therein. I want aggressiveness of extrapolation and daringness of argument.

Thus, I firmly and fully fucking reject the “progressive” consensus and its censorious nature and its prudishness in every aspect.

Jan 25

Not My Liberalism

Shit like this that liberals do is inexplicable.

In a statement following the story’s removal, Clarkesworld owner and Editor-in-Chief Neil Clarke confirmed that Fall was a transgender woman living a closeted life and that harassment had forced her to out herself. Clarke also stated that Fall’s deteriorating health and well-being, as well as her acute distress over criticisms of her story as “harmful,” prompted her request for the story’s removal.

Note that it was all liberals harassing her. But they are making the world a “better place” with all this censorship and harassment. Sure.

Here is the story, if you want to read it.

Jan 25

Getting Out

I am curious, sociologically, what liberals get out of policing everyone so stringently, being so contract-oriented, denying joy and creativity in many to “protect” a tiny few who don’t even care or need protection? This seems like just plain old conservatism reframed to me, with a heaping dose of prudishness and white saviorism.

Of course that doesn’t answer the question of what they get out of it, but I don’t think anything will. Psychological problems are not easily diagnosable.

Jan 25

Speaking of Weight

Two days ago, I set a personal record of 120 pounds on the standing military (overhead) press. That’s as much as my partner weighs. Feels pretty good to put that much weight above your head.

Jan 25

American Dirt

So now we’re canceling another author because some identity-obsessed fuckwits thought she’s not some color or other enough? No thank you.

I find it hard to believe that liberals are really so fucking clueless as to think that prohibiting people from writing about anyone not exactly like them will help. Do they really believe this? (Of course they don’t; it’s all about elite competition and virtue signaling.)

Jan 25


Training with Tonal, the ‘Peloton for weightlifting’.

There is no weightlifting happening on that; I see no weights. While machines aren’t worthless and are even superior for some exercises, if you want to see results and get massively stronger free weights are the way to do it.

Still, I think this thing might be worth it if it were $300. However, it’s $3,000. And for that you can buy some really great free weight-based exercise equipment and have money to spare left over. You’ll get stronger faster and won’t have some machine telling you what to do.

Jan 24


That’s exactly it. This was planned long in advance to destroy the distinction between neoliberal capitalism and its propaganda, real information, and government control operations (usually the same as corporate ones in most areas). Now that Google has de facto control of the collective nous they are using that power. It will be very effective indeed. The past decade or two has just been a prelude to what’s about to happen.

Jan 24

Virt U

Despite the fact that I mostly watch women’s tennis, I do think Roger Federer is easily the best tennis player of all time. He makes shots that seem just impossible, that no human should be able to handle and makes it look easy:

A lot of times, even his opponents smile when playing against him. Seeing someone do impossible things in your field right in front of you is always a thrill, even if it means you lose.