Aug 15


I don’t think it’d be that hard? There’s plenty of times the gate agent is paying no attention at all. I’m pretty sure I could do it with near 100% reliability if I wanted to. I’m also good at not being noticed.

Aug 15

Duel Bell

Directors’ Least Favorite Movies They Made.

I liked Death Proof. Sure, it was a bit overwrought but Zoë Bell is such a charmer in it (or anywhere) that it does hold up. It doesn’t feel like a Tarantino movie, though (and I like Tarantino). It feels early Spielbergian, with a crueler edge, like if he’d made Duel while on some tainted meth or something.

Aug 14

Old Toll Troll Role

This has been occurring since the days of BBSes, newsgroups, and then blogs. Twitter has certainly made it worse, but why people seem to think you are obligated to do their fucking research for them has always mystified me and always will.

Aug 14

Gone For

There’s quite a lot of knowledge we’ve lost. That’s what happens when you ship your whole manufacturing base to China for a little bit of profit. All that understanding, gone forever.

Aug 14

Pressed Into

Oppression in other places: Jailed and tortured for years, family perhaps murdered, forced relocations, people disappeared never to be seen again.

Fat Acceptance idea of oppression:
Someone said it’s probably not good for me to eat two Whoppers, two orders of fries, and two milkshakes for lunch and then double up on that for dinner.

Aug 14


If they are supposed to be making $650K total comp, a lot of that is gonna be stock and if the stock is down 86%, nobody is making $650K — trust me.

I get the point, but it’s misleading. That’s not how it works.

Aug 13


The bleak sterility and lack of sensuality of PMC New Puritan liberalism is so very off-putting, more than any other part of it. They will be the first to volunteer to have their minds uploaded to the Cloud.

Maybe we should let them, as long as they stop bothering the rest of us? And then launch them into space.