Jan 26


Was just thinking that the main reason Naomi Wu is disdained and punished is because she is one of the few technologists who does not pretend to be asexual and does not act like a prude.

I wrote the above before I went to her Twitter and saw this great thread:

This is liberal white feminists, mostly, attacking her, too. Often those in the technology field. I know it sucks when someone is both a far better techie than you are and better looking to boot, but come on.

Not everyone should have to dress up like burqa-clad ascetics to fit into the tech world. And note again that this is all women punishing her, not men. Wu might run into different problems with men but not like she does with techie women. Women really, really hate Wu.

As for me, she is one of my favorite techies because she’s not a prude and does not countenance white feminism at all.

Jan 26


True. If I can log onto your network, even if you’ve “restricted” me, I’m getting the data I need, despite what your security team thinks. You might slow me down a little but definitely won’t stop me.

Jan 25

AD no HD

Think I will read American Dirt soon if this many white women pseudo-feminist writers are coming out against it to “protect” brown people. That means it’s probably good and that there’s a lot of professional jealousy involved.

Strange way to choose a book, but the world is how it is.

Jan 25

How I Passed the CISSP First Try

Here’s how I studied for the CISSP to pass on my first attempt. (Test has an estimated first-attempt failure rate of 50-60%). Not to lead anyone to think the below is likely all they will have to do, I have an extensive background in IT and have been using computers since I was four years old. This certainly helped a lot. Either way, though, the CISSP takes a great deal of studying no matter your experience level. You certainly don’t need my background but absent that advantage you’re probably going to have to study much more than I did. Anyone with 5+ years of IT experience I think can pass it, though, with the proper preparation — it just will likely be more involved than the below.

My first and main resources were these two books:

(ISC)2 CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide, 8th Edition

CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 8th Edition

I read those cover to cover and then went back and took notes on what I didn’t know or understand. This ended up being 62 pages of notes, and not in large type either. With the Official Study Guide, I did all the practice tests after each chapter and made sure I understood the answers fully, especially for the questions I missed.

Also, I made extensive use of the Boson CISSP ExSim practice exams. Crucially, they explain in detail why the correct answer is in fact correct. This was invaluable. I think I still might’ve passed without this expense but the exam would’ve been much, much harder.

In addition, I spent time on the (ISC)2 website to study any available free material regarding the exam, including the free CISSP flash cards.

I did not watch any videos or use many other resources. Videos generally aren’t helpful to me in most cases — your results may vary.

The above resources, though, were what I spent nearly all my study time on. I estimate I studied about 200 hours for this exam over about two months. That’s about three hours a day for two months, every day.

Jan 25

Gaining and Complaining

Even though exercising doesn’t really work for losing weight, it’s very hard to gain weight while working out intensely and frequently. I’ve eaten 800+ calories a day more than normal over the past months and I’ve gained maybe 1.5 pounds.

Jan 25

Bully For Them

I think one of the reasons I have such a visceral reaction to liberal shenanigans lately is that it’s obvious that most of these people are the “cool kids” in middle school who would’ve ground me into the dust.

Bullies are something I don’t tolerate, and most of them are bullies. Simple as that.

Jan 25

Boredom Time

Lately, people — especially liberals — seem to greatly desire art that doesn’t challenge them, is expressly designed to not make them think, that instills torpor and demands nothing.

I should not really have to say this, but that is not art. It might be entertainment (though not by my definition), but it is definitely not art. If all you want are works that comport with your every trivial thought and opinion, that cohere exactly with what you believe (or believe you want to believe), you are not engaged in any artistic practice but rather self-gratification and self-stultification.

I want no part of this. I want art that I disagree with. I want art that makes me ponder what it means and exactly why the artist made that choice. I want writing that challenges me to understand and to attempt to get inside the head of the writer and the characters therein. I want aggressiveness of extrapolation and daringness of argument.

Thus, I firmly and fully fucking reject the “progressive” consensus and its censorious nature and its prudishness in every aspect.

Jan 25

Not My Liberalism

Shit like this that liberals do is inexplicable.

In a statement following the story’s removal, Clarkesworld owner and Editor-in-Chief Neil Clarke confirmed that Fall was a transgender woman living a closeted life and that harassment had forced her to out herself. Clarke also stated that Fall’s deteriorating health and well-being, as well as her acute distress over criticisms of her story as “harmful,” prompted her request for the story’s removal.

Note that it was all liberals harassing her. But they are making the world a “better place” with all this censorship and harassment. Sure.

Here is the story, if you want to read it.