I do not use Craigslist Personals, though I did meet one woman on the site many years ago, but I told you so.

So the 99.9% of legitimate users will be harmed so we can also hurt sex workers? Sounds great.

I can’t believe all the idiocy  of those (including many, many people on the Left) who supported this censorship bill.

Sigrid II

Can we have more Sigrid? Hell yes we can!

I like how obviously enthused Corden was about her performance, as she was great. Would love to see her live.



She has more personality and charisma than most small countries. And she reminds me of someone I knew a long time ago.


I don’t fit in any social group. Partly because I don’t want to, partly because I am a huge introvert, and partly because in general the more I get to know someone, the less I like them.

This is only not true of a few people, and they know who they are.

I think often that I want a larger social group, but the simple fact is that I couldn’t tolerate it in reality.


About immigration, liberals are fucking idiots.

Simply telling people that immigration is great and if they don’t like it they are evil racists is not even the worst of it.

What is the worst is insisting that immigration will not have consequences and that it “should not.” If the consequences are that people will be more distrustful, more likely to elect fascists, Nazis or similar people, and become less likely to do sane and sensible things — this is all still a consequence of immigration.

Unlike a whole lot of liberals, and perhaps the majority of them, I care about what happens in the real world and not in my damnn fantasyland.

I was done with conservative fantasyland a long time ago. Now, I’m done with the liberal version, too.

No path so I will create the path.


Elizabeth Olsen Calls Out Empire Magazine for Photoshopping Her Face on Cover: ‘Does This Look Like Me?’

What’s weird about this one and most of those Photoshop jobs is that Olsen actually looks much, much worse in the photoshopped version. I thought the idea was to make people look more attractive? Olsen not only doesn’t look like herself, she looks gaunt and pinched, like she just tasted some really bad kimchi or something.

There was one magazine in the grocery store with Alicia Vikander on the cover. She’d been so photoshopped she was barely recognizable. Why would you do this to anyone, but particularly her? She’s already very beautiful with no makeup. You’re not improving her by making her look any different because part of what is appealing about people is their particularity and even their flaws, not some android version of themselves (very appropriate for Vikander).

Elizabeth Olsen herself is kind of unusual looking, and that’s part of what makes her interesting. That’s one of the reasons why she was picked to play the Scarlet Witch, after all. It doesn’t hurt that she’s actually a pretty good actress, too.

(Here’s another terrible photoshop job, this time with men.)


One of the main reasons I can’t use smartphones is no file system access. Without a file system, a computer-like device is a worthless turdsicle — no better than a pad of paper from 1867.

No file system access == not a serious enough device to bother to use. What the hell can I even do with it?

Block blocks

I’ve now got tools in my browser that block the blocker blockers. Shit is getting meta, ya’ll.

Incidentally, these tools will not work in the new Firefox — by design. Can’t “redefine ad delivery” or whatever bullshit Mozilla is planning if you allow such a high level of control.