Sep 23

She Vamoosed

One of the rare times I did try to chat up a girl at a bar it didn’t go that well, for strange reasons. We’d already been talking for a while so it started out just fine. She was engaged and interested. But then she asked me what I did.

Her: So, what do you for a living?

Me: I’m a photojournalist and a paratrooper. I jump out of planes and do stories in the Army, 82nd Airborne Division.

Her: Oh, come on! You can tell me what you really do. You don’t have to impress me. Just tell me.

Me: That’s what I really do. I like it most of the time. But it can be a hard life.

Her: *shakes her hands in front of her* Ugh, I’ve just had it with all these guys making up these cockamamie stories to impress me! It’s just so lame!

Me: ????

Then she stormed off. No great loss, I’ll warrant. But still, funny. At least I got a story out of it. Should’ve told her I was an accountant or something, though.

Sep 23

What You Earn

No exit for Democrats: Mitch has them trapped, and the path ahead is darker than ever.

Hahahaha! No! Mitch has fucking nothing to do with it. They trapped themselves by refusing to govern, refusing to make their recalcitrant members fall into line, and being unwilling to actually wield power.

So I see we’re back to the Obama-era excuses that the Dems are just helpless li’l babies who have no choice but to wallow in their loserdom. Convenient narrative, but that also won’t win elections. And frankly, the Dems deserve to lose.

Sep 23


Indeed. I had a friend whose IQ was officially tested in the 160+ range and who didn’t wear seatbelts because he believed it was safer to be thrown free of the car. He cited all sorts of things quite encyclopedically to “prove” this absolute insanity was true.

Sep 23

Field Experiment

I am content where I am for now, but I get 2-3 recruiters contacting me a week, some offering me 40-60% more than I make now. And I make a lot. The job market is fucking wild at the moment in my field.

Sep 23


Model is Sara Malakul Lane. Photographer unknown. Even apart from the fact that Sara is very attractive, that’s such a well-lighted, well-composed and empathetic work. As a photographer myself (though I tend to shoot mostly bugs and stuff), I’m impressed.

Sep 23


Yep. If you’re a woman 18-40 and at all even remotely look ok-ish in favorable light and aren’t an obvious meth user (and even then….) you’re absolutely spoiled for choice. You’re likely to get dozens or hundreds of men contacting you a day.

Meanwhile, for 90% of men, it’s complete crickets. Almost no women seem to actually realize this, either.

Sep 23

Gimme Shelter

Great cover of probably the Rolling Stones’ best song. Orianthi on guitar just burns the house down on this one, and the girl in pigtails on the right rocks those vocals. That’s a very, very difficult song if you do it like the Stones did it (and they do).

I watched it twice.