Wow, this is a much, much better show than I expected and that it had to be.

I’d say it’s the most underrated show on TV in the past few years.

I wasn’t expecting much at all. I thought it’d be standard alien invasion fare. Perhaps worse. But it’s so much more than that. For a start, it’s morally complex. Someone has read their history of Vichy France, obviously. In occupied France, the resistance was seen as getting innocent people killed unnecessarily. Most people weren’t members and disdained their actions. The same in this show; the “resistance” is seen as a bunch of malcontents with no hope of affecting any sort of change against the implacable and vast power of the occupation force. Rather, they get themselves killed and then the entire community punished.

Also, the “aliens” are never seen. They never appear (at least so far). All the actions and all the insults against dignity and freedom are committed by fellow humans.

I am not sure it’s a great show. Yet. But it’s a damn good show with quality writing, well-drawn and complex characters, and moral ambiguity, but not of the gooey, boring, unrealistic “prestige TV” brand so beloved by overeducated liberals.

Highly recommended.


Distilling a lot of things I’ve been thinking about, I think the main problem I have with modern feminism is that I want to treat women as equals and peers, but the exhortation of feminism as currently practiced is that you cannot and should not do this.

That’s why I have issues with it, and with people like Amanda Marcotte. It is that simple.

Drops and Buckets

Oh, Democrats and Liberals are such damned idiots. And I used “damned” rather than “damn” specifically and intentionally, because they are damned to repeat past mistakes and lose more elections.

So instead of acknowledging pre-existing divisions, instead of reforming, instead of attempting to give people what they actually want and would help them, they will instead blame all polarization and partisan disagreement on “Russian meddling” and call it a day.

What a ridiculous and miserable bunch of useless fuckwits promoting utter blatherskite.

Even if Russian meddling did occur (and I am sure some did), it is a tiny, insubstantial drop in the bucket and is no way causative.

The Dems, though, would prefer to blame Russians and BernieBros rather than risk making any substantive changes.

Predictable, alas.


People like Erik Loomis and the other fusty fucklets at Lawyers, Guns and Money really severely understimate cultural change and how quickly it can occur, and how much it is already occurring.

They are centrists masquerading as revolutionaries, milquetoast Obamanations, farceurs who don’t know they’re in a farce.

Good representatives of a past that will propel us to Berlin 1939, though, and are directly responsible for Trumpism.


I’ve come to realize that when I make puns across three or four different languages, literally no one gets them, and thus they are pointless.

Still, they are fun, so I will continue to make them in my head.


People always seem to refer to younger versions of themselves as “young and dumb” or something like that.

While I was young (once), I was not dumb. I dealt amazingly well with the stresses I was under and handled my life better than all of the adults around me and nearly all of my peers.

Also, why was going to Italy “dumb?” It was probably an amazing experience. Would she trade that for something else?

Sounds like just attempting to fulfill a standard narrative.

I was a smart and collected kid, and I did the right thing by myself by leaving as soon as I could, and keeping it together under very bad conditions before I could skedaddle.


People were quick to insist that The Hunger Games was so unrealistic.

Meanwhile, we have periodic horrific slaughters in our schools and nothing is done to change that.

If written in fiction, it’d be seen as so egregiously unlikely that reviewers would pillory it.

Yet here we are.


The whole point of a lot of what Mozilla is doing with Firefox is to optimize it as a contained and controlled ad delivery platform.

They can’t tell you this, of course, because everyone would immediately abandon the browser. Revealing it would be suicidal, so they are forced to call anyone who realizes and understands this a paranoiac or crazy.

Removing the ability — bit by bit — of the user to alter the interface? Integrating services like Pocket and the like? The “tiles” that appear when you click on the browser? Disappearing the bookmarks and making them hard to find? Even blocking tracking is just so they can nuke the competition and insert their own garbage, not out of some altruistic commitment to the user’s best interest.

This all obviously leads somewhere, and it isn’t to the desires and wants of the user. It is, however, to a tightly-constrained ad delivery platform that masquerades as “ads done right” or whatever marketing material they eventually come up with.

I feel sad for Mozilla and for all the clueless people who look but do not see. It’s blindingly clear what is happening and why, but most people have the insight of a turnip so even a “told you so” after it’s all done will fail to make them realize what has happened.

The thing about a sucker is they never realize they are one, or have been one. It just never occurs to them.


Unsurprisingly, Firefox market share continues to go down the toilet after the insane decision they made to destroy their add-on ecosystem (click to make larger):

Fuck you, you fucking wankers. I’ll dance on your product’s grave when it’s dead.