By | January 22, 2019

Same. When did it become ok to attack kids around the clock and set out to ruin their lives? I thought progressives were against that? If anything, it seems like someone should have at the chaperones. I also wonder how it’d be different if these kids were girls, since boys are seen as both more adult (less as fragile flowers) and more disposable in current discourse.

Anyway, no matter what they did these are high-school kids. Again…kids.

The Look

By | January 22, 2019

Same. You’d have to be a blithering halfwit to allow any of that surveillance crap into your home. And it’s not even for the reason that the companies involved will be surveilling you (which they will), but that all of these devices are terribly insecure and anyone else who cares can also spy on you, too.

Big Sky Daddy and Scolding Cold Mommy

By | January 21, 2019

The conservatives have long had their Big Sky Daddy that presides from above in patriarchal splendor. Lately, though, the liberal side for their part has carved from unyielding marble the Scolding Cold Mommy whose job is to tell us we’re living our lives incorrectly and that whatever it is we’re doing, we’re definitely doing it wrong.

The latest instance of this is the ridiculous Lancet diet that would have us all choking down nutritionally-deficient near-vegetarian fare for most meals.

This Scolding Cold Mommy is what I also mean when I refer to the liberal dream of having us all dwell in featureless, artless (art makes global warming worse for no purpose) concrete boxes chewing on turnips and moaning on about how our micro-aggressions have affronted this or that group which in reality hasn’t even noticed any such thing.

The Scolding Cold Mommy that many liberals crave and yearn for is an excuse for self-abnegation and diminution rather than seeking out better alternatives. As with the Big Sky Daddy of the conservatives, it’s a way of ceding responsibility, of outsourcing one’s emotions and prerogative as a free human to some other determining agent. “No, it’s not that we didn’t try for better alternatives, its just that Scolding Cold Mommy told us that we have to eat barn scraps and live in a lean-to. It’s what She wants to help the planet!”

This Scolding Cold Mommy won’t be appealing to most, though, which is why this sort of messaging should be anathema to any true progressive. It’s not a path forward — it’s just another way of avoiding actual transformative and difficult changes necessary on the way to finding a truly better future, instead settling for the prison of the now.


By | January 20, 2019

It’s a very strange idea indeed that it is racist to want to control immigration to your country. Very odd and worrying to see in such a short time many Democrats shift from fairly reasonable immigration policies to, “If you’re not for completely open borders, you’re a huge racist” in such a short time.

Any electoral wins will be despite this, not because of it. I wish “racism” weren’t thrown around like a playground insult. It hurts the cause, not helps it.


By | January 20, 2019

Just wanted to point out that it’s supposed to be impossible for someone to get as fit as I have as quickly as I have at my age, especially sans personal trainer and really specialized diet.

Yet here I am. No injuries, no issues, no drugs, kicking ass every single day. It’s amazing how many problems are amenable to just getting it done, and how often the standard narrative is completely wrong. I spent a little over $1,300 in funds and 7-8 hours a week in time and it’s been so very worth it.

Sure, this might not work for you. The point is, though, that you’re supposed to believe it won’t work for anyone, or that only highly-paid celebrities can do this with $2,000 a day personal trainers.

Wrong. Again, here I am. I have none of that and am doing just fine.

Math People

By | January 20, 2019

Math people are weird because despite the obvious and vast differences between people’s level of talent in all other areas of human endeavor, they insist against all evidence that “anyone can be good at math.”

Meat Me

By | January 19, 2019

Plan to eat a lot of meat today because I’ve not been getting enough protein while weightlifting still, and that’s the easiest way to get it.

Doing my part to fight the ridiculous and moronic Lancet diet. When you pick hundreds of pounds up off the floor repeatedly you can’t subsist on a handful of nuts and bumblebee tears.


By | January 19, 2019

Economists insist that at the least, wherever the minimum wage is currently set is Pareto optimal — at least the ones who believe it should exist at all.

Meanwhile, they are the ones who get to define Pareto optimality. Pretty nice gig if you can get it.

Neoliberal Swill

By | January 18, 2019

Good. Less competition, less exploitation. The H1B program is how many companies get away with paying $50K a year or less for jobs that should pay $100K+, and it keeps many workers trapped (they can’t move elsewhere easily or at all).

Seeing all this neoliberal swill in the guise of being anti-Trump is pretty disgusting. I’ve lost respect for so many people over the last few years despite how much I despise Trump myself.


By | January 18, 2019

True. It can help with some strength exercises where you have to shift a lot of weight using your own body weight. However, it is still more unhealthy than being slimmer.

I’d rather be able to deadlift 350 pounds at a weight of 165 pounds rather than 500 pounds at 200 pounds, and I’ll live longer, too. I am quite certain that if I ballooned past 200, I’d be able to deadlift and squat a whole lot more. But it’d be bad for my longevity and my joints.

I don’t need to be strongest person on earth. I just need to be healthy in the time I have, and hopefully live longer than someone who can lift a lot but is not really that healthy. Optimizing for the wrong thing is just hurting yourself, but in a different way than sitting on the couch snarfing Ho-Hos.