What’s that sound

Yes, this has been extremely puzzling. I’ve seen people (many, many people) portraying it as “sticking it to the man.”

Motherfucker, Obama IS the man. Millionaire ex-president rolling in more dough than a Pillsbury factory explosion. That is the very definition of the man.

The Clinton- and Obama-bots are comical in their vapid clueless dopiness.

Update: If you think I am exaggerating, look at this shit:

That’s barely worth responding to, but Jane Sanders is Bernie Sanders’ husband, not Bernie Sanders. This is the same crew of course that repeated ad nauseam that we should not judge Hillary by anything that her husband had done.

Second, Jane Sanders was not accused of any crime, much less charged with one. She appears to have just been a poor and rather clueless manager. If that were a crime, half of America would be in jail.

These are also the same people accusing Trump of being delusional, by the way.

It’s sad as for several years Kendzior was my favorite writer. And now she’s just a regular ol’ American nutcase — a leftie Alex Jones or Stephen Bannon.

I don’t mind making mistakes, but I hope I never descend into the pitiful and shameful depths of self-parody that the Drums and Mannions and Kendziors and Marcottes of the world have now reached.


“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions; medieval institutions; and god-like technology.”

-E.O. Wilson

Yep. Most of us are mostly unsuited to our current civilization.


Genre fiction: Life with all the boring parts cut out.

Literary fiction: Life with all the boring parts left in, and extra boring parts grafted on after being trucked in from somewhere even more boring.


Glad this did not happen to me.

I like Lorde’s first album as much as any album I listened to in my teens or twenties. “Bravado” and “Tennis Court” from that album might be the best pop songs released in the last twenty years. (You know an album is peerless when the most well-known song, “Royals,” while still being great isn’t even in the top five best songs on the album.)

Anyway, I listen to a wider range of music now than I did in 1994 when I was 18, and I think music in general is better now — with perhaps early Tori Amos excluded. Only “perhaps,” as she was sui generis and there will probably never be an album like Little Earthquakes made by anyone again as it is an artifact of a particular time and place.

Glad I find new, great music all the time. It’s out there.


Yep! One of the reasons I actually like going to the WMT near my office.

In a world

We live in a world where I could have this delivered to my house in two days but where we cannot provide adequate, affordable housing or health care or education or meaning to even the majority of our citizens.

Whatever happens to us — and much will due to climate change and related crises — we deserve it.


One button

Everything done to make computers easier to use for stupid people makes them vastly more difficult and annoying to use for me.

Also, did you hear about the homeopathy rally in Washington? Though no one showed up, it was still very effective.

Have be

If every form of behavior (as Ted Chiang states, summarizing the default view of science) is compatible with determinism, then determinism has no predictive power.

Does determinism fall out of the laws of the universe? That’s a far stretch from what we can and cannot observe. A likely stretch, but still a far one.