Oct 24

Wet It

I need to teach a class to people on how to really fuck up cars without much noise. (No, not sugar in the gas tank. That doesn’t do much. Water does, though!) There are just very many cool things you can do that break cars in a really expensive way.

Oct 24

Dual Resistance

We must resist the liberal “take away everything from everyone” urge just as resolutely as we must attempt to mitigate and turn back climate change, because if we do not do the former, the latter will never happen.

Oct 23


Warrant: Baldwin didn’t know weapon contained live round.

Oh what the fuck. This is a Western. They should’ve been using prop guns like any normal damn movie. (The prop guns I mentioned are very period-accurate reproductions that cannot fire live rounds. I cannot tell them apart by sight 99% of the time, and if I cannot, no one else can either.)

Baldwin doesn’t strike me as a gun guy, but this is why I always check the load even if someone tells me a gun is not loaded. Always! Who cares what they tell you.

I don’t blame Baldwin, though. I blame whatever dipshit fucking quartermaster had live loads on the set, and just mingled in apparently with other weapons. This is just piss poor set management and no one who had anything to do with that set should ever work in the industry again.

If someone hands me a gun, I immediately check the magazine/cylinder and then check the chamber. Then I check the safety (if it has one). That’s just how you do things.

I hope Halyna Huthchins’ family sues the company behind this into the ground and gets everything.

Oct 22


What, taking reasonable precautions as warranted? Now you talkin’ crazy!

Oct 22

Every Witch Way

And she can sing, too. Of course. Talent unevenly distributed and all that. If you like Anya Taylor-Joy, you should watch the two movies with her that hardly anyone has seen, both worth watching: The Witch and Morgan. The Witch is stunning. It’s one of the best movies of the last decade at least and I’ve been a ATJ hipster since 2015 because of that film. Morgan is not as good, not even close, but it’s worth it to watch it for ATJ’s and Kate Mara’s excellent performances therein.

Also, ATJ’s outfit in that video is both seriously cute and comfortable-looking. Someone in the comments mentioned it, but ATJ dropped out of high school because she was bullied for being unusual-looking. I hope those half-wits are wallowing in their loserdom now.

Oct 22

Killer Thriller

I don’t really like the vocals that much — just not my style. But that arrangement is great. So creative and keeps the spirit of the original while changing a whole lot. Very well done overall.

(Not live. They are syncing to their studio version.)