One of the main reasons I can’t use smartphones is no file system access. Without a file system, a computer-like device is a worthless turdsicle — no better than a pad of paper from 1867.

No file system access == not a serious enough device to bother to use. What the hell can I even do with it?

Block blocks

I’ve now got tools in my browser that block the blocker blockers. Shit is getting meta, ya’ll.

Incidentally, these tools will not work in the new Firefox — by design. Can’t “redefine ad delivery” or whatever bullshit Mozilla is planning if you allow such a high level of control.


I don’t understand quite why the Cambridge Analytica affair has everyone so exercised.

Why does Facebook stealing and peddling your data matter more when it’s in the realm of politics? They are doing that in the commercial arena every day, every hour, every minute, every second. If that sort of thing had been done in the service of electing Clinton or even Sanders, half the people in paroxysms of sputtering outrage would instead be cheering.

Yeah, it is heinous, but so are absolutely all of the other things that Facebook is doing. Don’t understand why this occurrence is particularly special.


Timed some tasks in the old and new (Quantum) Firefox that I routinely do tonight, achieving each task the fastest way I can find in both browsers.

1) Saving a bunch of photos of some bugs I wanted to keep from a webpage for reference and putting them in the proper directories.

Old Firefox: Less than a second

New Firefox: Seventeen minutes

2) Organizing Tabs (including closing certain tabs and not others, selective bookmarking without navigating to tab, etc).

Old Firefox: Five minutes for about two dozen tabs

New Firefox: Infinite, as it’s not possible

3) Switch Proxies between VPNs

Old Firefox: Less than a second

New Firefox: Infinite, as it’s not possible

As I was writing this, I realized timing anything else was pointless as most of the things I want to do are simply no longer possible at all in the new Firefox.

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Launch Capability

Yep! The intern I was mentoring thought she wasn’t good enough to get a job at Google. I urged her and frankly needled her to just apply after her hopes of being hired permanently at her internship were dashed.

Readers, she now works at Google.

I only wish I had been as smart and as capable as she is when I was 22. Go go go!


This is a difficult but fun question. It depends on what level one would want a replacement to function. If merely adequate, for my current job I think I could train a replacement of above-average intelligence in 8 years of 8-10 hour days, five day a week. However, that is only to to do the very bare minimum of the role as it is written on paper and as management understands it, not what I actually do.

I don’t think anyone not of above-average intelligence has any real hope of performing my current role so I won’t consider that hypothetical person at all, but to do what I actually do day to day in the role (which is far and above what most people could do, or would be expected to do), I’d say it’d take 15 years minimum to train my replacement — more likely 20 unless they were much smarter than I am. I say none of that to glorify myself, but there was a reason I was hand-picked for the job, honestly.

One of those reasons is that in my current role, not only do I have to understand and to perform extremely technically complex tasks in a wide variety of domains and knowledge areas, but I have to be able to discuss this directly with customers on a daily basis. These customers are often completely non-technical and have little to no understanding of what they need for their own environments or how anything in my domain works.

In other words, not only do I need high-end tech skills, I need better-than-average people skills. In IT, this combination is as rare as a white peacock.

It’s funny, two things that people on either side of the divide told me were worthless — obsession with computers and people skills — turned out to be extremely, extremely valuable when combined. Separately, you can make a little money with either one. Combine those, and you can do a whole lot better.

Well, all that discursion aside, if I were to get a fresh and ready person of above-average intelligence and with ok people skills, I think I could have them doing my job at my level and with my documented and undocumented responsibilities in 15 years.

#MeToo D2

I wish it had been the case that the #metoo movement had been about more than what it turned out to be about. Like most movements in neoliberal times, it was doomed to failure from the start.

Not only that, but the movement wasn’t really about preventing harassment — at least not after its initial and laudable stages. Nope. It became about the concern that if a woman chose to use her sexuality to get ahead, she shouldn’t have to do it with someone unattractive.

That’s how it connects to neoliberalism and why the movement is a sham. Or at least, it became one.

No matter its initial goals, it became another means of shaming low-status or unattractive men. Sorry to say it, and people will hate me for it, but I call ’em like I see ’em.

Venture Vulture

By the way, it wasn’t the internet or lack of demand that killed Toys R Us. It was venture capital.

A private equity consortium led by KKR Group and including Bain Capital made a leveraged purchase of Toys R Us in 2005, and the company struggled under the debt used for the buyout. According to The Record the company’s debt payments were as high as $400 million a year, and were particularly crushing when the recession hit in 2008.

Also what many seem not to understand is that absurd debt loads preclude companies from doing other, useful actions that might improve their position and competitiveness. This is the venture capital business model: purchase, load up a company with debt while they extract current and “future” profits, then exit, shielded from the repercussions.

We are in the pillaging and looting stage of capitalism now, and it won’t be pretty.