Dec 07


The US has never really given much of a crap about Covid and all our systems are broken anyway (as demonstrated above). Things that other countries do as a matter of course and quite easily we claim to be “impossible.”

Dec 07

Varying Degrees

My prediction is that Omicron is going to be 50-80% less severe than Delta in symptoms/IFR, etc.

People for some reason believe that Covid can become infinitely more transmissible and infinitely more deadly at the same time. While you’ve heard a lot of foofaraw from epidemiologists about how it’s perfectly possible for a virus to evolve to be more deadly and more transmissible (and they are right), they have also overstated their case quite a lot to avoid giving people hope (I guess?).

The reality is that viruses have no plan and aren’t doing anything for our benefit. This includes the fact that they don’t get more deadly just to spite us. Again: no plan. SARS2 in my opinion was already nearing its co-attractor for transmissibility vs. severity, so it would have to trade off one for the other. It appears to have traded off severity in Omicron.

Evidence should firm up over the next few weeks but I betcha I will be right.

Dec 07

Know No Jack

It’s time for a new phone. Mine just isn’t cutting it anymore. Its battery lasts like 10 minutes when I travel.

Unfortunately, every single phone on the market fucking sucks and has no headphone jack, which means they are essentially unusable. I don’t know what I am going to do because I will be deeply unhappy with any new phone. I hate that I even need a smartphone but they’ve become an inescapable part of modern life; in certain trendy restaurants you can’t even look at a fucking menu without a phone that can do QR codes. Went one place recently like that. I asked for a paper menu and they did not even have one.

I hate this and want to destroy everything to do with tech even though I am in tech.

Dec 07


The future of eternal lockdowns and ever-worsening restrictions is terminally insane. It’s predictable but also just dreadfully sad because it’s so unnecessary.

Living in fear is just what we do now, I guess.

Not me, though. I got shit to do.

Dec 06

Remember A

This also occurred with the now-forgotten Alpha variant. It was supposed to have kids dropping dead by the millions, the vaccines (still in development) would not work against it, etc. The “experts” and media, as Mason points out, also did the same with Delta and now it’s a repeat performance with Omicron.

Reality is that the vaccines will work against Omicron, it won’t cause kids to drop dead by the millions, and it won’t change much in itself (though the lockdown lifers and the plutes will use it as an excuse to take away more from you).

Dec 06


The left can make no progress because all they are worried about is not offending anyone. This is incompatible with changing the world. It’s why they are stuck, locked in place, fighting meaningless skirmishes in a misdirected war.

They think far too small. I want to alter so much it’ll offend the very structure of the universe itself; they will be forced to rename the Fine-structure constant to the Mike-structure constant after I am done.

Dec 06

What We Can Know

“Entanglement shows that reality is definitely other than how we had conceived of it. Even if we know all that can be predicted about one object and another object, we still cannot predict everything about the two objects together.”

–Carlo Rovelli in Helgoland: Making Sense of the Quantum Revolution

That is partially the basis of Nancy Cartwright’s philosophy. Beware strict determinism, even though physicists bang on about it constantly despite knowing it must be false. They want it to be true; but wanting the universe to be a certain way does not in fact make it so.