Sep 30


Florida Man, Florida Man, doing what a Florida Man can. And what can a Florida Man do? Why, he can shoot through the windshield at me and you!

Sep 30

Manning In

Congratulations, now you know what it’s like to be a man! Now have it happen 7,000 more times and then you’ll really know.

Sep 30

Lockdown Glee

It’s telling how many liberals seem gleeful about this sort of thing. Why? is the question I’ve been asking myself lately. Of course, there are probably a variety of answers. There usually are.

Part of I think is understandable: this pandemic is dealing a blow of sorts to parts of capitalism and that is something they’ve been unable to achieve in 40 years of attempts. That it’s only benefitting monopolies and oligopolies and such seems lost on these types altogether.

And part of it is that a lot of these people crowing about how very hard we’ll have to lock down is that they are trust-funders insulated from any real economic consequences.

Another factor is that, though they’ve abandoned most conventional religion, that sort of thinking has not abandoned them. They are convinced somewhere deep in their nominally-secular souls that through suffering comes redemption, and what better suffering than economic collapse and ruin? Of course it’s not so sharply articulated in their minds, but that makes it more insidious rather than less.

In my opinion, of course, we shouldn’t close anything again. The time for lockdown is done. We tried it and it did not work, or did not work well enough. The reasons are now irrelevant.

Allowing lockdown to become a lefty religious movement, backed by oligopoly, is worse even than the alternative.

Sep 30


After having weathered high death rates when it resisted a lockdown in the spring, Sweden now has one of Europe’s lowest rates of daily new cases.

Swedish model is probably the correct one for most countries that aren’t Vietnam or New Zealand.

In Sweden, the number of new infections right now is surprisingly low.

Surprising to whom? That’s about what I’d expect to see, given what Sweden has done. It’s only surprising to the wannabe virtue-signalers.

Sep 29

The Whole Memory Hole

It’s interesting how in people’s (mostly liberals’) minds, the intent of lockdown has gone from the initial “flattening the curve” designed to preserve free capacity in hospitals to an end in itself to somehow preventing Covid-19 from spreading at all.

I know it’s been memory-holed, but that was never the intent. You can’t destroy a disease like SARS-Cov-2 with a lockdown. Not in most places, at least.

Do any of these people even recall “flattening the curve” now? I doubt it.

Sep 29


Try watchng women’s tennis on YouTube….

Sep 29


Instragram cares about making money, thus they must cater to fat American losers for ad dollars — and the corporations that want to sell garbage food (&c.) to them. If that’s too harsh for you, get off my fucking blog. I don’t give a shit.

Done coddling people.

Sep 29

Breaking Set

I don’t think I’ve ever taken a break that long between sets. Seems a really excessive time to me.

I’m not trying to be tough or anything, but it does seem a long rest. I usually take 2-3 minutes between sets, if that. I’m 44.