May 27

Math Denial

What’s the biggest lie you were told growing up?

There were many lies, but the biggest one was that any and every job more than “night janitor” would use math constantly, and if you didn’t basically become a mathematician you’d not be able to find employment.

This was a widely-told bit of mendacity. The reality is of course that in 90% of jobs basically no math is ever used, and even in those where it is it’s all automated away. The few that use actual math only use a tiny subset, and often even they don’t understand it all that well.

May 27

Not Luck Motherfuck

Everyone who said inflation would be transitory should be turbo fired. I told you right here on this blog that it would not be and I was correct because it was obvious.

How did I know? Well, I wrote long before inflation even kicked up that you can’t reboot the entire economy like a damn smartphone, as some people were positing. I knew capacity would disappear, dislocations would occur, expertise would be lost, and necessary areas of the economy would be suppressed.

High demand due to free money with lost capacity equals in-fucking-flation.

So, no, it wasn’t luck. I didn’t flip a coin. I knew it was not transitory, told you it would not be — and I was right. I should be getting the salaries and wealth of all those goofuses who claimed for so long that inflation wouldn’t last.

May 27


About the below, one time a tall girl friend (not girlfriend) of mine asked me to really wrestle her because she wanted to know what she could do against a guy. She was a good bit taller than me, outweighed me by a little, and was more athletic than I am or ever will be. I told her that it was probably not a good idea as I’d probably hurt her by accident.

She insisted. I told her no again. She insisted again so I agreed.

The wrestling match lasted about seven seconds. I pinned her absurdly easily, despite her outweighing me and being taller than I am. I was just vastly stronger. After, she said she had no idea just how much stronger I was than her because she was taller than I am and as mentioned outweighed me.

Certainly part of it was that I am just more comfortable with violence than she was. I am very fast and very decisive when it’s time to act. But most of it was that I was twice as strong as she was, or nearly so.

And no, I didn’t hurt her, mainly because I was still holding back. She was my friend. If it’d been a real fight I would’ve taken her down even more quickly.

May 27


With very rare exception even before I started working out heavily, I was 1.5-2x stronger in the upper body and 1.5-1.8x stronger in the lower body than women who weighed the same as I did then.

Now I am 3-4x stronger than women who weigh the same as I do in the upper body and 2-3.5x stronger in the lower body.

A lot of the “trans people in sports” debate is dominated by people who don’t realize just how much stronger the average man is than the average woman. And there are many men a lot stronger than I am even now. As lifters ago, I am about average — though I am still over twice as strong as I was five year ago.

May 26

Seg Your Fault

It’s such a weird and vilely racist idea that any US-born white man married to a woman not born in the US is automatically exploiting her. The left’s brand of racism is damn oddball when you think about it. Their “protection from harm” means the return of segregation, essentially, and a particularly insidious form of the aforementioned racism.

It makes me glad I didn’t get with any women while I was in China and fall in love (not from lack of opportunity). I don’t want to have to deal with racism from both the right and the left. I’d be laying out some motherfuckers and I’m trying to stay out of jail these days.

May 26

War Stars

Indeed. The Star Wars program didn’t succeed in what it set out to do, as it was impossible with the tech of the time. But the research kicked off by the effort did lead to a lot of cool things we are using today.

May 26


How and why are people so incredibly bad at detecting what to me seem to be completely obvious scams?

I’m not talking about not understanding the tech. It’s something deeper. I do not know what to make of it.

May 25


I found a hair on my clothes of a woman I hung out with more than three weeks ago now. These clothes have all been washed.

You women with very sheddy hair, you mark us. It never is gone completely. There is no escape.

May 25

Putin It That Way

Many people seem not to realize this, even though it’s blatantly fucking obvious.