Oct 03

All Manual Three Speed

The Curse of Dialup World.

This is related to the story itself and some of the comments, but when I was working for an org that acquired a lot of other companies as part of its normal business, I once walked into an acquisition that tracked all of its transactions on two million separate Excel spreadsheets. Yes, you read that right: 2,000,000 spreadsheets.

All manual — no accounting system and no automation of any kind. Also, their backups were basically non-existent.

That was a fun one to convert to some form of reliability and modernity.

Oct 02

Some Time

It’s just bizarre to me when people claim they can’t do anything to change their fitness and health situation. Especially in the US, many if not most health problems are self-inflicted: a combination of no exercise and a poor diet.

I don’t even look like the same person I did five years ago. I’m nearly three times as strong as I was since then, too. I’m not some superhero. I have bad genes and I am lazy (though stubborn). If I can do what I did, so many more people could. Or if not exactly what I did, at least not be a diabetes-ridden lard pile claiming they have no choice to be that way.

Not everything is a matter of personal responsibility. But a lot is. Even if you are currently some pebble just bouncing down the river of your life, you don’t have to stay that way. Be less pebble and more dam.

Oct 02

All Wrong

What It Looks Like To Leave Our Solar System At The Speed Of Light.

No. This is wrong. From a photon’s perspective*, it arrives at its destination instantly; it’s a massless boson meaning that it does not experience time. (The more technical explanation is that photons have no rest frame, so travel along null geodesics through spacetime.)

Instead, this is portraying what we as observers experience as we observe a photon leaving the solar system. A very, very different thing.

*This, though, is really meaningless. There is no such thing as a photon’s perspective due to its very nature.

Sep 29


Could Ozempic Derail the Body-Positivity Movement?

This is bullshit several different ways. The “body positivity” movement hasn’t really existed for 15-20 years. Instead, it was consumed by the Fat Celebration movement and any true body positivity focus was kicked to the curb. Now the movement spends half its time in fact not moving and the other half making fun of and disparaging anyone of normal weight.

Anything that fucks their shit up I’m all for. That food-conglomerate-backed corporate shill terrorist organization deserves everything bad that happens to it.

Sep 29

Real Man

Why do men enjoy playing as women in video games?

Women’s characters usually have better and more clothing choices, and more interesting costumes in general (as in real life). Also, I’m already a man every day. Why not be something different?

Also, in general, the voice acting and character animations are better for female characters. Not sure why but it’s 100% true.