More problems of the left

One of the reasons I associate with no political movement — even ones that I naturally align with, like liberal/leftism — is that I can’t tolerate groupthink and “going along.”

One of the conventions and deeply-held beliefs of many liberals these days is that you can’t criticize anyone who is on “our side,” especially if they write a book.

While several bystanders have insisted that his judgement is “opinion not criticism,” it’s clear that the irritant isn’t so much what he said as how he said it: exasperated and dismissive, but formidably articulate. Merritt’s a bit scary, decidedly churlish, and not inclined to give the authors the benefit of the doubt. He doesn’t even pay these books the respect of hating them; his disdain is passionless. Guilfoile accuses Merritt of assuming he’s “smarter than the author,” and of being someone who lacks the “generous” mentality of a truly good reader.

Telling you what they truly thought of a book was what critics once did, their raison d’être, how they made their spendin’ cash. However on the left at least these days not liking something stamped by the Official Seal of Bleeding Heart Approval™ is tantamount to clubbing baby seals.

Like, you are literally oppressing me by not liking something. Literally.

I abandon something like 60% of books I start. Why? Most are crap. Life is too short to read bad, boring books even if written with the best of intentions. If I were a critic I’d diss about 60% of books I read, and everyone would hate me. Which is fine with me.

I’ve never read An Untamed State or that bullshit about the wind whatever, nor am I likely to do so in the near future.

But if I don’t like one or both of them, it shouldn’t have to be something I suppress as the price of being on the “right” side.

Real criticism and a real opinion is far more valuable — even to and for the left — than rubber-stamping the approved and inviolable ideology. Criticism even of the negative variety only strengthens the left and its arguments and should be valued.

Time to put on your Big Boy and Big Girl pants, people, and engage the old mean world on its actual terms.

Only way to win.

Avoid avoid avoid

If you’re planning on using CentOS 7 with mdadm RAID, please do avoid.

I never did identify the specific problem but it’s as buggy as a 10-day-old corpse.

Had ridiculous and unsolvable problems with this config creating a simple RAID 5 set with four drives. Should be very easy. Instead I’ve wasted loads of time on it.

Same drives, same config, same hardware — only difference was Ubuntu vs. CentOS.

Worked fine, no issues. Not one of the problems I had with CentOS and their version of mdadm.

CentOS and RAID — just don’t do it. (And avoid systemd in the process.)

The mental matters

I think one of the reasons I was successful in my weight loss is the mental model I had and have of it.

Most FA types seem to see a diet as a punishment. But one of the problems is that they are on a “diet.”

I never went on a diet and never saw it that way. I knew that path was doomed to failure.

Instead I changed my lifestyle, my habits and gave myself something to look forward to.

Instead of the utterly asinine, “Oh no, I can’t stuff my face with 2,000 worthless calories today, I’m being oppressed!” It become, “Oh, cool, I get to make higher-quality, better-tasting food every day that while smaller is more filling and more nutritious — and I can also eat that $7 mascarpone dessert I really want on Saturday that I’d never normally buy as it’s so expensive, rather than gorging on cheap garbage.”

I have never went on nor have I ever been on a diet. Still lost 60 pounds.

I’ve kept it off for five years so I must be doing something right.

That’s right, it’s been five years now — 25% of my body weight gone for good.

They said it couldn’t be done.

I said, you ain’t met me. ;-)

Trailer park

I’ve got no patience for anyone who makes fun of trailer park residents or trailer parks in general.

Trailer parks are affordable housing — probably the only remaining affordable housing in America — though they are disappearing.

I started my life in a trailer park. Where else was my family going to live? It’s all that they could afford. Would you preferred that I had been homeless from age 0-5? Would that have suited you better?

Don’t answer that if you are the typical one-percenter. We already know what you’ll say.

Trailer parks vary in character and cleanliness as much as any other housing type does.

I’m always bothered by how so many in America are willing to write off those doing just a little bit worse than they are.

But it’s how the masters keep control, by forcing the rabble to fight it out for the scraps.

Trust me, I’ve dwelt among those overlords. In some ways I am one of them now. And by the way, they don’t at all distinguish the trailer park resident from the middle-class homeowner.

You’re all parasitic trash and as soon as they can send your job to India or China, they very much will.

Remember that when you belittle trailer park residents.


Hey Now

Let’s watch Hanna Reid and her great voice. Well, you can’t watch her voice. Not unless you’ve done quite a bit of LSD. But it’s infinitely more fun than ranting about anti-evidential buttnuggets.

I don’t even like the song all that much, but I fucking love her voice.

User punishment

I have another post in store about phenomena related to these ideas, but let’s talk about when the Gnome3/Windows 8/SystemD braindead contingent claim that, “Well, people hated Windows 95 when it came out, too!”

Or Windows XP. To bolster the fuckwit idea that “people just hate change” for making products so terrible that people won’t even despoil their compost pile with them.

Both claims are false. I remember very well when Windows 95 came out. Windows XP, too. Windows XP was released into a big recession and had other headwinds, but it was indeed greeted warmly and was widely welcomed as a big improvement.

However when Windows 95 came out it was such an upgrade that people went absolutely apeshit about it. No joke. People not only didn’t hate change, they were clamoring for it. Here’s what it looked like just about everywhere.


People lined up at midnight. Stores were jam-packed the night of its launch and for weeks afterward. I witnessed this myself, in person, with my own eyes.

So no, dumbasses, there was no significant backlash against Windows 95 or Windows XP.

People don’t hate change. They just hate bad tools, bad design, and your specific mega-failures that you like to call a “user interface.”

Yeah, I am talking to you, Gnome 3 developers — and Windows 8 developers.

Income around

My family was poor, especially when I was 0-7. Poor enough that I thought getting a piece of white bread was a treat.

So it’s weird and humbling to think that this year our household will be in the top 5% of US earners.

How did that even happen?

I think inflation-adjusted I’ll make this year alone more than my dad probably did total from 18-40.


It’s so much better than what I thought my future would be: dead or in prison by 25.

Go me.

Lard lord

“Thin privilege” is one of the biggest piles of bullshit this side of a cattle ranch. But this says it best.oucamF8 Yeah, yeah, there are more imortant things to do than fighting against the FA/Celebration morons, but they are so much fun to bait and they are a complete embodiment *cough* of the ridiculous and self-imposed ills of our entire modern society.