Dec 15


I tried to make my fashion choices less boring and it’s nearly impssible for a man. Either the non-humdrum choices are absurdly expensive or are available in a really narrow range of sizes (and often both). Typically, though, there are just no choices at all.

Additionally, you are penalized in my field for dressing fashionably. This is true of both women and men.

If I were transformed into a woman tomorrow I’d go to the nearest shopping center and revel in the greater variety of choices I have. It’s literally the first thing I’d do. (Yes, I recognize there are disadvantages to women’s fashion, too. But it’s hard to deny the absolutely greater number of choices and styles and templates.)

Dec 15

Ides of Ideology

That is exactly it. I’ve been saying that for a few years now and I’m right. All the extant and available ideological frameworks have failed and as yet nothing has emerged or even really seems emergent to replace them.

We’re flailing and failing and it’s going to get worse.

Dec 15


Great characer in the novels and the show. One of the few realistic portrayals of a powerful woman leader in fiction.

Dec 15

Boomers In Age and Boomers In Spirit

Don’t Mock Greta Thunberg. Listen to Her. She’s right about the science.

Exactly. She’s basically the only one (except perhaps James Hansen) who says what matches the science of global climate change nearly 100%.

Scientists misunderstood how badly the rest of the world misunderstood the problem. A 2008 paper by MIT professors John Sterman and Linda Booth Sweeney showed that even MIT students were, for the most part, unaware of the cumulative nature of greenhouse gases. When the researchers surveyed a mix of graduate students and members of the general public, they found most people wrongly assumed global temperatures would stabilize once we stabilize the rate of emissions, and that the temperature might even fall if this rate were reduced.

That’s she’s correct about the science and its consequences why people don’t want to listen to her and that’s exactly why she’s important. Politically, I think a lot of what she advocates is worthless or would be harmful, to be clear, but she has no political power so that’s irrelevant.

That she’s straightforward and correct about the consequences is why young people do listen to Thunberg — they know and she knows that global climate change is likely to erase them, and perhaps all of civilization.

And they also know that older people — their parents and grandparents — absolutely do not give a shit.

Dec 15

Lying With Numbers

So fucking what? I am increasingly tired of mal-informed halfwits. The Model S motor weighs about 70 pounds. By contrast, the engine in a car of comparable power weighs about 500 pounds. A transmission 150-200. The cooling apparatuses 100-ish pounds. None of those exist in a Model S, along with quite a lot of other items that just aren’t present.

A comparable car, the BMW 750i weighs 4,500 pounds. A Tesla Model S weighs around 4,800 pounds, depending on configuration. So, yes, it is a little heavier, but the way this wanker discusses it you’d think the car was some huge outlier rather than pretty much in line with similar cars.

It’s worthless to battle against these types of people with evidence, but I still do so, even recognizing that it won’t help.

Dec 15

No Lamp

Why I’m not enthusiastic about Medicare for All.

OK Boomer.

This is why so many people, including me, aren’t enthusiastic about Medicare for All. We expect that it’s going to put us all to work filling out paperwork and making multiple trips to less than congenial and comfortable government offices devoted to keeping the bureaucracy functioning first and helping us a distant second.

What a bunch of crap. Private insurance is far, far worse than that. And he’s dealing with SSI Disability (a totally different thing), not Medicare, as a commenter points out. And he’ll be the first to want to keep Medicare for himself but take it away from everyone else when he’s old enough to be on it. I guarantee that.

I can’t believe I used to like this dipshit years ago. He has the mental capability of a lamprey. Just like Drum, he’s happy if nothing changes and his house price doesn’t decrease an iota — and fuck everyone else.

The world will be better off when people like this die. I mean, I hope they live happy, clueless long lives. But it’s still true what I wrote at the beginning of the paragraph.

Dec 15

RICO Prosecution

I cannot understand why people want to save this system. Do they really love forking over their life savings to the health care racket that much? And if so, why?

Dec 15


What’s your favorite episode of TV from 2019?

“A God Walks Into Abar” from Watchmen is my pick. Explores the nature and mystery of causality, of memory, of stories and where they come from and why we tell them. By collapsing time it shows that the past is ever-present, and that the future is built from that, inexorably.

With all that, it still somehow manages to explore our fixation on identity over humanity, how we might get past that, and how to begin thinking about the unspeakable racial trauma of our past.

And it manages to be funny, too. Highly recommended.

Dec 15


That’s what I’ve been realizing as I’ve gotten older. Tons of people the same age as me look 20+ years older. It’s mostly due to the above. Sure, some of it is genetic, but a great deal of the advantage is that if you treat yourself like garbage, you also look and feel like garbage.