Jun 18

Risking Nothing

I rarely agree with Nate Silver, but he is indeed correct.

Ya’ll motherfuckers don’t understand risk in the least.

Jun 17

Non Competus Mentis

I think one of the reasons the Fat Acceptance movement is pushed so hard is that if food corporations can convince you that having no self-respect is its opposite, that makes it all the easier to shill terrible food that compensates for this lack. This becomes a self-sustained cyclical frenzy of self-hatred where you attempt to salve this revulsion and alienation from self with more poisonous pabulum intended to addict you. And it never ends. Thus, the food conglomerates have to spend comparatively little on propaganda as the cycle creates its own catalyst.

And that so many attractive women who would never let themselves get fat promote FA nonsense…well, another example of eliminating dating market competition. You telling your sisters, “It’s ok to be a land barge” is a sure way they are never, ever going to be competing with you for any men, or women, that you yourself desire. So it’s a smart strategy in that respect. Clever, even, because I think it does work in microcosm and macrocosm.

Jun 17

L’étrangeté des rêves

There is a common belief, even pushed by scientists, that you cannot read in your dreams.

Well, I just woke up from a dream where I was reading in French, which is not even my first language. And bizarrely, not only was I reading, I was translating French text for Tom Hanks.

Yeah, don’t ask me. That is no fantasy nor ambition of mine.

Jun 16


Why not just learn the Latin?

(Ok, Ok, I am a huge snob.)