Jun 25


Well shit.

Jun 25

Now Inevitable

By 2024 at earliest and 2028 at absolute latest, the US will be under soft fascist (but still fascist) minority party rule.

It is now inevitable.

Jun 25

Roamin’ Decline


Jun 25

Easily Stumped

I remember those days. I also remember being personally mocked and banned from a forum in 1998 for saying the DMCA would inevitably be used by corporations to prevent people from repairing physical objects.

Most people have the imagination of a tree stump.

Jun 25

Find Out

I don’t think people realize how pervasive our surveillance infrastructure is now. It’s about me, Zeynep, and some guy in Croatia who really understand it.

But you’re about to find out, especially if you live in a red state. Oh yes you are.

Jun 25


Ayup. Red states are gonna get pretty hellish in the near future. Their economies and standards of living will decline quite a lot, inevitably. The fall of Roe won’t be the only reason (more is coming), but it will be the start of it.

Jun 25

Two Wrong

People who think SCOTUS won’t come for contraception next. LOL. How does it feel to be wrong and a fucking idiot?

Jun 25


Agreed. Especially in the red states. They are going to have reduced standards of living and outright theocracy again in most. Time to flee if you can. You have a few years before it gets really bad, but be gone before 2024 or it’s gonna suck.

Unless you’re a conservative in which case, fuck you.

Jun 25

Huge Ex

Going to see a huge exodus from red states in the next 1-2 years.

We will be part of it.