Jan 20


Aye, I agree. The characters don’t seem like stereotypical cardboard cutouts. There’s no “the bossy one” or “the cute one” or “the bad one,” etc. The closest so far to that is Laura Lee, the super-Christian.

Some places I thought the show would go to fit genre tropes it just never did. And it has a damn sharp edge. I like it a lot.

Jan 20

Where Fear

It’s extremely odd to me that vaccinated and boosted people are far more afraid of Omicron than the unvaxxed. I mean, most of them. I don’t give a shit about Omicron at all. 99.99% chance it’ll be just a mild cold for me.

I’ll take them odds, thank you. “Completely safe” doctrine is moronic.

Jan 20

Revisions Needed

I should revise my estimate of what other people can easily do and their stubbornness vis-à-vis my own, because I could slice my hand off with a rusty butterknife if required. I’ve been informed that most folks would not have quite my casual approach.

Ah well, such is life.

Jan 20

Cheap Paper

I’ve read this book too. I don’t think it was a TNG book because I’ve only read one or two of those. I think I read it in high school, though, so that means it was published before 1994.

No idea what it was and like a lot of things from before the internet became popular, it’s not easy to locate. Sure it was some cheap mass market paperback, though.

Jan 20

Rev Up

Think I’ve embedded this tweet before. I don’t care. I’ve criticized Jill pretty harshly in the past, but this tweet made me forgive most of her bad takes and her “Mean Girls” vibe.

That what she states above is at all controversial — with anyone! — should be the real scandal. Humans are social creatures. Even introverts. That a bunch of clownish putzes tried to convince us for so long that “Zoom is just as good as in person” and that “no one needs social interaction” was inhuman and insulting. And that so many people were shamed for resisting this — well, I never thought I’d see something like that but unfortunately I did.

As a side note, I think the “no one needs social interaction” thing was an offshoot of the equally-toxic feminist hogwash that “no one needs sex or love” that became de rigeur to believe during the early 2000s in an attempt to push back against the early (and also toxic) incel movement. (The feminist “no one needs love or sex” silliness originally started out as the much more reasonable “no one owes anyone else sex or love,” but quickly mutated into more absurd interpretation for some reason.)

I’m still disgusted that what Jill said above was controversial at all. What is wrong with you people?

Jan 20

At Least Dead

I am the same. I simply cannot listen to audiobooks, podcasts or watch videos about most things. I get bored in the first 0.000001 seconds when I realize I could be reading this 100x faster.