Quantum Fizz

If quantum physics weren’t true, the calmest fire would emit copiously at every frequency, including in the x-ray and gamma ray range. The smallest fire would, in other words, kill you if you stood close to it.

Of course if quantum physics were untrue, you wouldn’t be alive anyway.

Just some assorted crap I was thinking about.

The naive materialists

How can people believe that probability exists sans humans, or at least sans consciousness?

Humans created probability. In the universe absent us, events simply occur or they do not. No probability. Not even the possibility of probability.

Much of science seems intent on importing human biases into areas where they only obscure, not illuminate.

All the vids

It’s a bit odd that after all the music videos I watched during the ’80s, ’90s and early ’00s, I did not have a favorite until Lorde’s “Tennis Court” in 2013. Doing so much so well with so little impresses me just as much as Lorde’s allusive antipathetic expressiveness.

Let’s watch it again.

Great forgetting

By the way, as the Great Forgetting is already occurring, it was an actual and verified Clinton strategy to popularize Trump, and to urge strongly that the media do so. The thinking went that there was no way Clinton could lose to such a narcissistic, unqualified oaf.

Well, it turns out the most unpopular Democratic candidate in recorded history can lose to nearly any-damn-one, an orange Cheeto included.


Girl I palled around in high school after seeing me play a shooting game:

“You are scary. That is scary.”

She looks around a little more.

“Wait are you cheating? You have to be cheating.”

I wasn’t cheating. Don’t remember the name of the game, though. It wasn’t Resident Evil, that’s all I know, though it was one with a plastic gun controller. Those I am good at. With a regular controller, I am not as good.

Auto May Shun

Half the work people do can be automated: McKinsey.

This is using currently-existing technology. No innovation or invention required.

I agree, by the way. The other day I drafted a post that I got tired of writing that noted that I could with my own technical skills automate out of existence 50% of the jobs at my current workplace given enough time. With a team of programmers and a year, it’d probably be closer to 90%. (The study looked at automatable tasks at a more granular level.)

Why this does not occur in general (not comfortable discussing the specifics of my own workplace in this forum) I don’t feel like going into detail exploring, but the reasons are an amalgam of bureaucratic inertia, domain protection, financial and other blockers.

Note that here I am not assaying the merits or demerits of automation, but just stating that it is easily possible. Expect to see a whole lot more of it as older managers leave the work force.

Deep Eigenstate

What’s happening with Trump looks like the Deep State attempting to sabotage his administration.

He is hostile and a threat to them, he let this be known before the election, and now they are taking their prevenge. I say this not as a Trump supporter, but it does give some clue how Obama would have been treated if he’d seriously attempted to cross them, giving me a bit more sympathy for his lack of reining them in.

I seriously doubt much if any of the Russian “reveals” are true, and if true are irrelevant. That anyone trusts the US intelligence community is a bit shocking to me, especially when liberals aver their rectitude and probity.

What we’re witnessing — like most early takes — is not what’s really happening. It almost never is, especially when dealing with people at this level.

If you think you know what’s going on, you’re an idiot. All I know is that I don’t know what’s going on and I refuse to let party identification or my enmity towards Trump cause me to believe convenient lies.

People are having huge trouble with what’s happening because nothing like this in living memory has ever happened before; their frameworks are broken and they simply cannot cope cognitively or emotionally.

My brain and thought processes are optimized for shit like this, though (and deal less well with “normal” times) so I think that’s why I am having less trouble with it all.

Simply applying normal heuristics to what’s happening now just will not work, and you will and do look foolish.