May 07


Whoa, bro, you really got me there. You just blew up all of philosophy and physics. Dang, I’m so awed and humbled.

Why do people think this half-baked codswallop is profound? These mooks are the opposite face of the “the universe is nothing but a simulation” cranks, and just as tedious and insipid.

May 07

Go Team

Biden is doing many of the same things Trump did or threatened to do, but achieving them more competently.

However that doesn’t explain at all why the Dems/libs support Biden and didn’t support Trump regarding these efforts. It’s all stylistics, no substance. Biden isn’t great. He’s not even good. But just as I agreed with many trade-related ideas of Trump’s, I agree with Biden’s. Let’s hope he can execute better; that remains to be seen.

May 07


This is a great insight. I’ve had similar thoughts. For instance, my partner and I bought a good half dozen can openers before we found one that even basically functioned. Then we bought another copy of it.

Plenty of choice, but a scarcity of anything that’s not crap. The same with food: loads of absolute health-destroying offal and slop on offer, and even the “quality” choices are often little better, just with better branding. Think “Beyond Meat” is good for you? Ha.

Actual market failures are reinterpreted as personal failures, a malfunction of desire rather than a dysfunction of markets. Meanwhile, those of us who would pay 2-3x as much for an actual quality product are told are wishes aren’t realistic because we refuse to fall for scams.

May 07

Safety Is A Lie

People treat themselves like garbage, force asceticism for no reason, and then wonder why their mental health suffers. And wonder why anyone looks at them askance.

Fucking Christ, I both feel pity for her and don’t understand how anyone thought getting takeout was so unsafe that it was untenable for 15 whole months. Now I understand I think why liberals are so screechy about people wearing masks outdoors. Many of them do truly live in terror and it obviously does nothing good for one’s mental balance at all.

This pandemic has made me like a lot less people that I formerly thought were pretty cool.

May 06

Mal Funky

It is pretty funny. I’ve recently seen people say things on here like, “If the vaccines didn’t work, and if Covid were way, way more contagious, and if what is happening in India were to happen here, and if random people just ran up and licked your face all the time when you’re outside, then that means you’re bad and evil for not wearing a mask outdoors! GOTCHA!”

What are these people thinking? Just how do you think so incredibly poorly and then act like you’re a debate champion?