By | December 10, 2018

All of life is tradeoffs. Too many people both politically and personally believe they can just opt out or negate this — which is itself a tradeoff.

A lot of unhappiness and anomie I believe extends from not recognizing that better decision-making can occur when you embrace the necessity and even freedom of using the idea of tradeoffs and marginal improvements to your advantage. Assuming, that is, that your basic needs are already taken care of.

I started pondering this as I was considering why Stoicism was not for me, and its flaws. This is a small result of that thinking.

Russian to Judgment

By | December 10, 2018

Indeed. Anything that upsets the status quo is immediately blamed on Russia — even if it harms Russian interests. It reminds me of how when you fix someone’s computer, every problem, even five years later, is your “fault.” It’s the same irrationality and magical thinking.


By | December 10, 2018

Absolutely. I don’t know nearly everything about virtualization and networking. But I know a lot, and more importantly I know how to find — with celerity and accuracy — what I don’t know, and put it to use just as rapidly.

The other day, I was working on a problem for a company for which my company is a vendor. It was an infrastructure problem and unrelated to our product, but as I’ve noted before I end up doing a lot of free infrastructure consulting for various reasons (mainly that many companies have shockingly bad infrastructure teams). This problem 3-4 people had spent nearly a week working on.

I solved it in 10 minutes through knowing how to find what I needed and how to put that knowledge to use. I know I get paid a lot. But I often solve things in 10-15 minutes that teams of people spend weeks looking at. And that’s because I know how to find what I need and know that I know it’s right very damn quickly.

Crazy Crying Amazon

By | December 9, 2018

Hate Amazon? Try Living Without It. My dad was a longtime labor activist. He despises what Jeff Bezos built, but he can’t quit it.

I have no plans to quit Amazon, but it’d be very difficult if I tried. Other retailers are comparatively terrible, despite Amazon’s deteriorating site. If other retailers were at all close I might give it a shot. But the simple fact is they are far behind, and many are getting worse instead of better.


By | December 9, 2018

New personal record of 280 pounds on deadlift. I am lifting almost 100 pounds more than when I started a couple of months ago.


By | December 9, 2018

Agreed. That’s also what the Church-Turing thesis says, and I believe it. We aren’t based on magic, therefore we could build something also not based on magic. Though it’ll likely not be built by us, but perhaps evolved by us.

I’d say human level AI is possible now with current tech, we just don’t know how to create the software. That might take another 20 to 1,000 years.


By | December 9, 2018

So much for the utterly moronic idea that the gilets jaunes are against doing anything about climate change. What they oppose is the wealthy getting tax breaks while the working class pays for everything.


By | December 8, 2018

I generally concur with this, except in one field: economics. That 90% of economists agree isn’t really a sign of anything much, just that the field has been corrupted by the desire to placate or ingratiate themselves to the patricians and panjandrums.

If an economist says it, it’s not necessarily wrong, but I’d take the assertion with an enormous, Cheops’ Pyramid size grain of salt.


By | December 8, 2018

How is it that Pamela Anderson (yes, that one) has a better take on the gilet jaunes movement than nearly all journalists and pundits?

Don’t get me wrong — I was under no illusion she was stupid. But we have tons of “educated” journalists and commentators who have no understanding at all of what’s happening and why, and who are all getting schooled by Anderson here. She even cites Philippe Bourgois to make her points. It’s just embarrassing what our corporatized press has become. It’s their job and they largely are clueless.

If the world really were based on merit, those Ivy League numbskulls would be cleaning the toilets and Anderson would be reporting from France officially.