May 18

True and Cry

Absolutely correct. I love it because it’s true and because it makes the Fat Acceptance clowns cry. If you work out correctly and eat protein, even in a caloric deficit you will not lose muscle. Another FA myth.

May 18


What the shit. That actually works. That might be the equivalent of putting spaces between words (Latin didn’t do that) as to ease of reading. I’d only want this for non-fiction stuff, though.

May 18


That’s a strange trend in country music. A bad one.

May 18


And philosophy is opposed and denigrated as “useless” because it’s all that can provide the framework to halt this.

May 18


To be clear, I don’t believe Long Covid is much of an issue and won’t be a huge societal problem. It’s mostly “medium” Covid and most of the “disabling” issues are very minor, and mostly temporary.

Yes, it’s real, just as it is for flu, RSV, etc. But it’s just not the thing many libs wish it were, no matter how many dubious papers they trot out. But time will tell, as it always does.

May 18

Real Doom

Obesity is already a bigger social burden than Long Covid will ever be, even in the Long Covid “doom” scenarios, but one of those we’re permitted to talk about as an enormous problem and the other one — the “everyone being the size of a house” one — we’re not supposed to discuss.

I think I see a problem here.

May 18

Bozo Food Explosion

It’s sad to see how many people feel they have to kowtow to the Fat Acceptance movement or get eviscerated.

But I do not and will not. Fuck the Fat Acceptance movement and anyone who buys into their horseshit. What a bunch of deranged clowns.

May 17

Getting Poor

That is Very Bad. Far worse than I expected. UK will be getting poorer for a long time.