Fortunate Son

By | July 23, 2018

Can you imagine this being played on the radio or anywhere else widely now? It reached #14 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969 for Creeedence. Different times.

Dead Right

By | July 21, 2018

“We like to call our human intelligence ‘general purpose,’ because compared with other kinds of minds we have met, it can solve more types of problems, but as we build more and more synthetic minds we’ll come to realize that human thinking is not general at all. It is only one species of thinking.”

-Kevin Kelly

Gunn Down

By | July 20, 2018

To be clear, I don’t think Gunn’s tweets were funny, though they were clearly jokes — however, firing someone for years-old bad jokes marks just how authoritarian our society has become, and how corporations are the largest arbiters of what we can and can’t say, and are the de facto enforcers of censorship. In this case, unlike with Roseanne Barr, it’s an act of retroactive censorship.

Damn, I am so glad some of the offensive and terrible jokes I made in my teens and twenties are nowhere to be found. I’d be fired from any possible job if some of that crap were unearthed.

Big Phish

By | July 20, 2018

People are still — even after all these years — really stupendously bad at recognizing even to me very obvious and rudimentary phishing attacks. Today, I had to run around the office like a fire demon warning people not to click on on email “from” someone we do business with after their computer was hijacked and started sending out links to an offshore hijacked site with some nice malware on the other end.

Sure, yeah, we do business with this person — but were you expecting a document from this person? And one that was a nearly-blank PDF that contained a link to another site? And is claiming to be sent to you by “Adobe” in the PDF?

Sure, that sounds likely. Just go ahead and click right on that as that seems totally legit. Luckily I was paying attention to my email and not a single person got infected before I got to them. (One woman was literally starting her click on the bad link when I stopped her. Another 200 milliseconds, we would’ve been jacked.)

That was a close one. Probably saved myself and others about 20 hours of work (at least) with my fleet feet today.


By | July 20, 2018

Yes. We live in strange times indeed. That’s why I said before the election that Donald Trump would start a nuclear war accidentally, while Hillary Clinton would start one on purpose.

Which is worse?


By | July 18, 2018

Exactly. The PC never had a chance in hell of dying. It’s the only place where productivity is possible, and probably will be for another ~25 years or more.

What happened is just what I said and thought would happen: those who are too dumb to use a computer, or didn’t have time to learn enough to properly use a PC or whatever the reason, went out and bought tablets or a smartphone or some other limited consumption device. At the same time, PCs started lasting much longer as both quality improved and chip improvement on the consumer side slowed quite a lot, making the average PC last 5+ years instead of 2-3.

These two factors reduced the market for a while, as was obvious would occur.

Further prediction: PCs will be where the money is (enteprise/creatives spend so so so much money compared to consumer), so as Jeff points out companies will eventually be forced back to the PC as that’s where they can pull in cash by the truckload. There is evidence of this in the market already. Expect more in the future.

Virtue Sigma

By | July 18, 2018

I’m confused about all the liberal cool kids who are advocating not shopping at Amazon because of their terrible labor practices. Meanwhile, other warehouses, warehouse contractors, etc. have been conducting similar or worse labor practices for 20+ years and not a peep has been heard about any of that from these same people.

I support Amazon labor unionizing and I support much harsher regulation, by the way. Jeff Bezos should not have $150 billion. No one should have that much money.

Virtue signaling just makes me angry in a way that few other things do, and this in particular bothers me because I think this instance emerges from the fact that these addlepated liberals identify with Amazon workers more because they see them as less blue-collar than someone working at the Wal-Mart warehouse or the like.

Don’t shop at Amazon all you want. But that isn’t actually helping anything, and probably hurts more than it helps because it’s yet another distraction.

Hinge Point

By | July 18, 2018

Joining the army. A few months after I joined, a few former friends of mine fired a gun into what they thought was an empty car. It wasn’t empty and they severely injured a woman. They were caught, and went to jail for quite a long time.

If I hadn’t joined up there’s a chance I would’ve been in the car with them. I would’ve tried to stop them (I know myself pretty well), but not sure I would’ve been able to or even realized what they were going to do in time.

That’s not the only way I was likely to end up in jail or dead in North Florida, but that one was immediate and obvious. So glad I did not stay there.

Meat Slice

By | July 17, 2018

I wonder when meeting in person and bonding over shared interests is going to become socially verboten. Probably not far away. We are already moving away from the world-that-was. These days, meeting not in an online meat market is becoming rarer, and having something “fraudulent” like a shared interest that prompts a connection and a relationship is becoming suspicious…because what if he (or she) only developed that interest to be a better person, and thus more attractive to others? Isn’t that deception? That’s deceit and dupery, right? One should only be judged on how one appears and nothing else. This is the world we are moving to, try to deny it all you want.

The incels are not completely wrong in their ideas — just that blaming and harming women won’t help in any way, and is morally corrupt.

The future really isn’t going to be cooler.