May 27

Summer’s Glau

Such a great, insanely well-written show. What I like about it in particular (and this scene) is that even though everyone knows what “she” is, her looking like that still allows her to partake of the halo effect of young female beauty, but also be constrained by it as well in certain situations — that is, even being a “very scary robot” still doesn’t allow her unrestrained freedom.

Again, so well-written — e.g. the part where she turns his phrase around on him and says, “He’s not a guy, he’s a ‘scary robot.'” It helps to know the backstory of the show and Cameron’s (the female terminator) as well, but it’s clear that she is resentful of his by-proxy characterization of her. That’s why she turns his phrase back around on him like that. But it’s all done with great subtlety. Each line matters, and each one reveals something more to the viewer without either character explaining anything directly. Some shows would spend half an hour belaboring what the writers managed to do there in just a couple of taut minutes. And that is pretty impressive.

That show is just full of scenes I wish I could’ve written. (Sorry for the crap resolution.)

May 27

Heard Enough

What do dominant men want to hear during sex ?

“I can provide scores of solar systems to add to your vast and timeless empire, my lord.”

“Are 800 additional FTL laser cannons enough, or should I build twice that?”

“Should the starships I’m constructing for you have enough room for a herd of reincarnated dinosaurs?”

“We should figure out how to make armor from neutronium before we destroy the Tironian Empire. I will get started right away.”

Those are some suggestions from me, anyway. 😉

May 27

The Other Guys

There are downsides to it, but I do honestly enjoy being The Guy You Call When You’ve Already Called All the Other Guys. I am expensive but worth it. And it’s laughable that AI as it is or likely to be could touch me (though the idea that some MBA thinks it could is alas very plausible).

May 26

Housed In

It’s crazy that between us we make in the neighborhood of half a million a year and we can’t find a house we actually want to live in. We can afford many, many things — but the problem with housing in the US is that it all fucking sucks.

Having money but being unable to spend it due to lack of good choices is a vastly better problem than the opposite, don’t get me wrong. But it’s absurd that you can throw vast amounts of money at something and still end up with the same crap construction, “open plan” bullshit and poor living conditions as someone who spends 1/10 of what we would.

Money doesn’t really buy you much we care about. Does housing actually work for anyone in this damn country?

May 26


Her icons are still better-designed and more appealing than anything we have now. And that’s just such a great photo of her.

May 26


Metafilter is filled with clowns, but in a piece the other day (sorry, lost the link; too lazy to look for it), I was attempting to figure out why so many of the the MeFi commenters hated Kate Wagner so much. And I do not completely have the answer but I think it’s related to the PMC lib ideation that corporations actually love them.

Insanely, the majority of them really do seem to believe this. I think it’s a protection from harm thing in an increasingly precarious world; if they sincerely believe a corporation (or many corporations) love them, then it helps them to feel protected, insulated, enveloped in a bubble of care. That it’s a complete fiction doesn’t play into it — the feeling is all that matters.

Thus, Kate with her cheeky satire and disdain for both PMC lib aspirational goods and for corporate propaganda and production makes her the sworn enemy. They must strike her down rhetorically to preserve their parasocial amity toward corporate entities who couldn’t care less if they live or die.

As I said to start, MeFi is filled with vapid clowns.

May 26


Young women fall out of love with dating apps.

Young women have nearly unlimited options in the dating realm*. As a man who doesn’t have to also endure (as much) harassment as women experience, this seem like a magical wonderland — since even an average woman receives something like 200x as much interest as even an above-average man. For a man to receive as much interest as even a below-average woman, he has to be in the top 0.5% of men or so.

Even an extremely-attractive man (top 0.01%) typically does not even receive as much interest as an average woman. And this is why dating for men really fucking sucks.

But back to the topic at hand: women, with nearly unlimited options and vast power in the dating market, resent when they are at all treated like men and face any form of rejection. Additionally, at least 50% of women on dating apps use it as a form of validation and/or re-enacting past traumas rather than to actually, you know, date.

This comment also said it pretty well.

However, the reality is women – especially in the US – have been told for the last several decades that they’re all magical fairy tale sparkle princesses.

We’ve arrived at an imbalance where one group has wildly over-inflated estimation of self-worth and market value all clawing over a small percentage of the other group perceived to be top quality partners based on metrics that scarcely matter anymore while almost completely ignoring the remaining 98%.

College educated professional career women no longer reliant on the income of a male partner shouldn’t need to be chasing high income male partners; it’s some kind of darkly hilarious admission they still want security from someone else and are subconsciously still locked in a mind prison of centuries-old gender roles.

Exactly. Luckily, I already have an amazing partner. But if I did not, I’d definitely not even attempt to date an American woman. I’d be in Europe somewhere, where women’s mental health has not been so blasted to hell by social media and idiotic ideas.

As that comment noted, a majority of women are competing over maybe ~5% of men. And this works about as well as you’d expect. In this case, women deserve their unhappiness and resentment. They’ve earned it.

*And I am told this does not give them any power at all, no sir. Of course, this is a lie.