Nov 23

S’envoyer en l’air

And the weird thing is that this absurd assertion is primarily a liberal take! The conservatives react unhelpfully, but they at least understand how strong the sexual urge is (yes, in both women and men) and how it’s an actual need in the vast majority of humans.

I really don’t know why liberals have such trouble distinguishing immediate needs (air, food, water) from other needs that are just as vital but not immediately and obviously harmful due to their lack. It seems like they must be lying when they’ve told various groups things like, “No one needs sex/love/social acceptance,” etc (Some liberals do even claim no one needs social acceptance, usually when talking about incels or undesirable men). How can anyone possibly believe any of this and say it with a straight face?

Aella is exactly right here. We’d never tell anyone, “You don’t need friends or social relations with anyone.” It’s equally cruel and heartless to tell anyone, “You don’t need sex or lovers or sexual contact with anyone.” What an impoverished world some people wish to live in.

Nov 21


I’m just rehashing, essentially, the works of several different philosophers here, so don’t think any of this is original — though I’m restating their points quite differently.

Anyway, identity bullshittery and the digital age go hand in glove. They are complements of each another and catalyze one another as well. Existing as we do more and more as avatars in the digital realm, one’s identity (like gathering armor and apparel in an RPG) becomes relatively of greater import. This identity construction and maintenance is a way to make one’s self distinct and to belong to a tribe at the same time. Furthermore, it gives one the feeling of “choosing one’s choice,” even though the actual choices at hand are carefully constructed and very limited in nearly all ways — but it appears expansive, and that’s what people care about.

In this digital netherworld that is liminal to the meatspace one and where both are merely in a darkening umbra beneath an algorithmic monolith, identity is the constrained yet “chosen” marker of who one aspires to be, what one aspires to achieve, rather than what one is. And because this aspiration now is all we have, it’s defended even unto death itself — real death, not an avatar with a hundred lives defeated by a pixel balrog.

This is why identity is so powerful and so dangerous.

Nov 21

ID Bull

Aella is right. What’s next, only a waitress can play a waitress, only a welder and play a welder?

Identity bullshitery is just absurd and it hurts the people the “liberals” believe they are helping.

Nov 21


Oh what the fuck. Time to nuke these companies from orbit.

Nov 21

Apparently It Is

It feels like I’ve watched the movie Unstoppable more than once, yet I can recall almost nothing about it? And I want to watch it again?

What’s going on with that?

Nov 21


The Gobbler has removed all the cool-ass Star Trek doors that go whoosh and replaced them with boring, normal doors.

The Gobbler has no mercy.

Nov 20


About the video below, I’m most impressed when she jumps down from that table in heels.

Damn I’d totally die if I tried that.

Nov 20


I just watched it because it had Margaret Qualley, but this might be the best ad I’ve ever seen in my life:

Lord that’s big fun. Would be nothing without Qualley, though. (Part of it is that it’s rare that a really beautiful woman can ever give way to complete outlandish zaniness, and Qualley is more than fine with that and even seems to enjoy it a lot. I think that’s why comedians [male and female] tend not to be very beautiful, but I’d love to see Qualley do some real physical comedy. I bet she’d kill it. To be clear, I like Qualley because she’s beyond talented. She’s also undeniably beautiful; even I can see that.)