Jan 20

Lock and Key

Does anyone really believe lockdowns anywhere have anything to do with containing the virus anymore? If so, what color is the sky on your planet?

The plutes realized how very much richer they could get this way and are going to milk that for all it’s worth. I expect lockdowns to go on for years as the next “threat” is found.

Jan 20


Container networking is simple.

Lord, what a dipshit. “Simple,” then proceeds to write a 4,000 word guide about this “simple” thing.

I’m pretty good at networking, and I understand the entire article, but even in my own field I think only about 10% would. Anything involving containers is absurdly and needlessly complex and you can tell it was designed to be programmer-friendly as it has 50 layers of complexity when anything production-ready should have far less than that.

Anytime you have to manually set up IP masquerading to make something function correctly, you can no longer claim the mantle of simplicity. If anyone ever has to troubleshoot this, they just won’t be able to. I know the ethos of the container assclowns is just “destroy it all and rebuild” but that only gets you so far — and not very far at that.

Be glad when the containerization trend ends — which it will. It’s too complex for most who attempt to use it, and also very fragile. But it makes the cloud providers loads of money.

Jan 20

Pod People

While we’re talking about such things, I can understand a lot of fetishes…but foot fetishists? It doesn’t gross me out or anything but why? What’s going on there? That’s one I can’t quite get.

Jan 19


There is this rising tendency online where people keep conflating literally any cultural phenomenon as being rooted in pedophilia or in some way inherently abusive or otherwise dangerous.

Weird prudishness has increased like a million percent since the early 1990s.

Reminds me of one time when I was walking out to the river with a bunch of friends in my last year of high school. It was me, two male friends, and two sisters. When we got to our destination one of the girls decided she wanted to have a swim and that we should all join her.

But we were in street clothes so I said, “But none of us brought bathing suits. Just regular clothes.”

And she said, as she was already pulling off her top, “Well, take them off. DUH!”

And she proceeded to do just that and jumped in. We did the same and had a good afternoon skinny dipping.

Can’t imagine that happening today at all. It just would not.

Jan 19

Arming Myself

Yes, completely true. My 20 minute workout will be better than most people’s one hour workout, because I know what I am doing and I attempt to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

However, most people wouldn’t want to do my 20-minute workout because it’s fucking hard.

But it works:

You’re mine, Hemsworth! Stupid sexy Hemsworth.

Jan 19

Propaganda Machine

Yeah, I believed those lies too until I actually went overseas…and found that food was not that much more expensive.

Then a few years later I did the same calculation and found that a Big Mac would only have to go up about 20 cents in price to pay everyone who worked minimum wage at McD’s $18 an hour.