Feb 07



It definitely gets much more attention. I had no idea just how much. This is alas also true:

I mean the part about how men are not allowed to have standards but women are. I’ve observed that repeatedly and it’s just bizarre. But I think there are two things going on here:

1) Men are assumed by women to be sex-crazed beasts who will tolerate anything in exchange for sex, so of course they (men) don’t have standards, duh.

2) Women often go into a relationship as a way to escape from societal/social pressures, so are resentful and resistant when their partner has actual standards such as not to abuse him, not weigh 400 pounds, and be a decent person generally. And don’t tell me this is not the case — I’ve seen it tons of times and it’s not pretty any time it occurs.

Feb 07

Mask Task

I suspect face masks do work a bit, and worked a lot better against less-transmissible variants of Covid. However, they are not the 10,000m of lead shielding the mask-obsessed imagine them to be — and poorly-worn and/or cloth masks are nearly useless against Omicron.

Under ideal conditions, with a great fit and worn properly, N95 masks probably provide significant protection. But how often does that happen? Not that frequently. Thus, the real answer is not masking but air sanitation. We don’t seem much interested in that, though.

Feb 06


I’m still not used to women staring at me in airports and such since I got hot. Like, is there a booger hanging down? Mustard on my shirt? What’s going on?

Oh, right….

Feb 06


The people who don’t think the Chinese ballon is a big deal don’t understand that a balloon can do many things that satellites cannot, why you’d launch a balloon that traveled that path, and what you’d do with the information once you gather it. (Hint: it’s about SIGINT.)

People are just shockingly clueless about military matters.

Feb 06

Res, Non Verba

Modern moral scolds are obsessed with even small age gaps (even when both people are full-ass adults), but an area that’s far more important than this is verbal intelligence. I know I’ve written about cognitive inequality before — which does matter far more in any relationship than any age gap — but verbal intelligence matters a whole hell of a lot as a subset of that.

My verbal intelligence is off-the-charts high. I know this and know I could easily out-debate or just pummel any normal person in an argument. I try to avoid using this for evil but have accidentally done so in the past. (An old girlfriend told me, “There’s no way I can argue with you. You just know too much and are too fast.”*) I don’t use this to bully anyone and try to deliberately pause and listen and just shut up. But the point is that I could easily dominate all but about maybe 0.00001% of the population in any verbal or written contest if I put even a moment’s thought into it.

Why don’t the age gap obsessives care about this? Those like me could (if we wished) hold huge power over anyone of any age with a capability like that.

The easy and mostly-correct answer is age is more obvious and quantifiable than verbal intelligence so it’s easy to obsess over, while less-quantifiable but more-relevant factors are ignored.

*I did give her space to argue after that. It was a fair statement.

Feb 06

Traff Ick

Damn that was close. If I remember right, most (perhaps all?) ACAS Resolution Advisories (alarms) are inhibited on or close to the ground so this was all ATC at fault here.

Feb 06


When you think about it, it’s really an odd idea that all software should be be made in a way that even the stupidest dumbass alive can use it without effort.

There has to be a better way.

Feb 04


Story Musgrave.

(Though it was self-upbringing, really.)

Feb 04

Funny Shtuff

I’m not gay, but this has happened to me pretty often. I barely care about even naked breasts. Covered ones I completely don’t give a shit about; I just want to see the funny shirt.

Feb 04

Expectation Situation

Responding to “You’re IT you should know this” comments?

There really are many users who think anyone in IT should know every single detail about how any and all software applications work down to the finest possible level — even when the user who works in that application 8-10 hours a day can still barely do basic tasks in it.

It’s insane.

One time there was some obscure, little-used accounting software that a company I worked for depended on. More than a few accountants there asked me how to use that software. I’m not an accountant. I have no interest in accounting. And I’d never even heard of the application before working there. Yet I was expected to know how to use this complex accounting software.

I told these people should be speaking to their manager, not me, about how to use their job-required softwre. That didn’t go over well, really. But I was right.