Apr 03

Masked Intruder

I think this is, largely, bullshit. This is after-the-fact ass-covering and not the way it happened at all.

The WHO (and others) stated that masks were completely ineffective. Period. That was the lie, and that most people knew was a lie.

Besides, good studies have shown that regular surgical masks do protect the wearer against infection, and at about the same rate as N95 masks.

So, the above is just…wrong, in several different ways.

Apr 03


Wore a shirt yesterday that I haven’t put on in about two years. Used to be a bit loose. Now it’s snug. Still not accustomed to the fabric of my shirts touching my arms so much again. I’ll take it, though.

Apr 02

Bum Deal

No. This is bullshit. The times in the past few weeks that we’ve gone to the supermarket, we’ve seen multiple people with 2-6+ huge packs of toilet paper in their carts — enough to last a family of four months.

You can’t tell me that’s not hoarding. Contrarianism just to be contrary doesn’t lead to truth. It’s just another, cooler way of being a dumbass.

Of course there is an upsurge in demand. But the hoarding started before the main body of the crisis even hit. What really started it is news out of Australia that toiler paper was short there due to Covid-19 panic-buying. The hoarder types in the US picked up on that and started buying huge amounts in excess. Hoarding begets hoarding so many people followed the initial hoarders.

That is how it happened, and that article is complete bumbaclot.

Apr 02

No Op

So much for that “But we should be worrying about the fluuuuuuuuuuuuu” ri-fucking-diculous horseshit all the assclowns were spouting two months ago.

No one who said that or wrote that should ever be allowed to have an opinion on anything again.