Jun 15

Women gone

This is so depressing.

Of those 617 [movie] showings, 561 of them — 90 percent — are stories about men or groups of men, where women play supporting roles or fill out ensembles primarily focused on men. The movies making up those 561 showings: Man Of Steel (143), This Is The End (77), The Internship (52), The Purge (49), After Earth (29), Now You See Me (56), Fast & Furious 6 (44), The Hangover Part III (16), Star Trek Into Darkness (34), The Great Gatsby (16), Iron Man 3 (18), Mud (9), The Company You Keep (4), Kings Of Summer (9), and 42 (5).

And yet I am watching this tonight. It is getting more difficult noticeably to find movies with any major female characters. TV is better, fortunately.

Just wanted to add this.

I want to stress this again: In many, many parts of the country right now, if you want to go to see a movie in the theater and see a current movie about a woman — any story about any woman that isn’t a documentary or a cartoon — you can’t. You cannot. There are not any. You cannot take yourself to one, take your friend to one, take your daughter to one.

There are not any.

I just don’t understand how this could happen. Yes, yes, I know the history – I’ve probably read more books about feminism than most people have read books, period – but I still don’t understand. That’s half of us, disappeared.

Jun 12


List of common misconceptions.

Although several of them are incorrect, it is a pretty good list. Too bad most Wikipedia editors are total putzwagons or I’d go in and correct them myself.

One of the best articles on Wikipedia I think.

Jun 11

Xbox 1 RIP 2013-2013

I barely care about consoles at all, but the Sony PS4 is so much better than Microsoft’s spying, DRM-infested, anti-consumer pro-publisher nightmare that it almost seems like a joke.

Really, Microsoft’s utter defeat couldn’t have been more obvious if the Sony CEO had come out on stage and taken a dump on an Xbox.

Note: We have Nintendo Wii and one game that we rarely play. I’ve never owned any other game console as an adult.

Jun 10

Deal with it

I liked this this piece and my thoughts are not a response to it; they just happened to parallel something else that I was already thinking about.

Was thinking about an old Amanda Marcotte piece on “dealbreakers” in relationships and how women are (rightly) allowed to have any they want – and so are men.

I don’t have many deal-breakers for a long-term relationship, but the person I’m interested in having tattoos is definitely one of them.

No problem being friends. Whatever. Do with your body what you like, but that means I also can choose not to go out with you. I don’t find tattoos at all attractive and the more I look at them the less attractive they become.

Strangely, I’d date a woman without a second thought who was heavily scarred or even disfigured. But I’d really never date one with tattoos.

I don’t even really know why, nor do I care. It’s so visceral in me that examining it is pointless.

It’s a dealbreaker and I’m allowed to have it, and even if I weren’t I would anyway.

Jun 09

Caved in

General rule of thumb for life: if anyone has a “man cave” or expresses support for a “man cave,” it is best and easiest to avoid them.

Jun 09


It’s not a mystery why dystopian fiction is so popular now.

After all, most Americans currently live in a dystopia.

Jun 09

Hackity hack

It’s no surprise that a hacker who exposed the Steubenville rape case is quite likely to face more jail time than the rapists.

Hackers and anyone who wants to expose government and corporate secrets that shouldn’t be secret are perceived as a grave threat to any state apparatus, while rapists are not – in many ways, rapists are tools of the system as presently organized and not antagonists at all.

Bradley Manning will also be in jail for eternity while sexual assault prosecution in the military is farcical.

Same reason.

In the future, as we are already trending this direction, I would not be surprised to find that the penalties for hacking and copyright infringement (which is not now a crime if done non-commercially, despite what the copyright industry claims) exceed those of even murder.

This is what happens when corporations are allowed to seize control of the state. It is not unexpected.

Jun 07

So doing

Oh hell yeah, we are so doing this.

I’ve been in some crazy flying situations, but never in a plane so small.

Up to 8x the force of gravity? Most untrained people pass out around 5x. Wonder if I will.

Jun 07


People are surprised that the NSA is spying on everyone, like, all the time?

Is this even news? I thought it was common knowledge, and had been for years.

Jun 07

Meat me there

I don’t understand the de facto prohibition against eating dog meat, or why people see it as so bad.

If you eat pig and think eating dog is evil, you are a huge hypocrite. I’d eat dog if I could find it on the menu anywhere. I’d eat cat, too, but seeing how scrawny they are underneath all that fur I doubt there is much meat to be had.

I’d eat any animal that was not treated horribly and that was killed humanely.

Meat is meat and killing is killing; pig, dog, horse, cow. There is really no difference.

If you have a ruff time eating dog meat, you are merely leashed by your social milieu and unable to slip the collar of expectation – so despite your dogged resistance to the idea of canine comestibles and even if you think it is barking mad, if you can put your paws on some dog chow in a country where fingers won’t be wagging at you, why not go ahead and woof some down. It might just be a walk in the gustatory park, and a doggy treat.